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  1. awesome. get a VFR!
  2. Bring yours over some tiem! I might be getting a flat in Basford soon, so maybe when I move/settle
  3. haha, thanks DVLA! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  4. oh shit, so they just changed it over because you have an aussie one?
  5. Yep, even gave me a full unrestricted one! Now I'm itching to get back on a bike
  6. That's awesome. How much are you looking to spend/what sort of bike are you thinking of?
  7. Not sure, I'm thinking maybe a Hornet with a few mods. It seems like a reasonable bike to get, plus I hear insurance companies prefer nakeds. I might start off on a CG125 though just purely for the cheap parts and 100mpg. It'll be perfect for wheelie practice too, lol. Your VFR seems like a nice one but I'd have to do more research, I've not really come accross them before. Did you test a few out before you got the VFR?
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    A hornet would definitely be good shout. 125 is certainly the best option as far as low risk & using change found down the back of the sofa to fill it up with goes, however you may out-grow it quite quickly. How much time did you spend riding that RVF?

    I based my decision purely on reading a lot about them and talking to biker mates, and finding that they are pretty much universally liked. Lots of phrases like "best bike ever" and "better than the model that replaced it". With my limited knowledge I obviously took that with a pinch of salt, but it appears to have been a decision I'm not regretting. MCN loves them too, although their review says it has no fuel gauge which isn't correct.
  9. Over two years, I'm well past it. It's definatley not slow - I found as quick as an SV650 for example, but after a while I'd just wring it out and wish for much more power. The handling is incredible though, pure pleasure through the turns. The CG would be a good A-B bike and nothing more, plus I've not found a bad review of the CG yet.

    That's an interesting article though, I'm gonna read more about them. I would like something with injection, and I'd definatley appreciate a fuel gauge. Spent way too long pushing the RVF to petrol stations. Is the VFR injection or carbi?
  10. carbs for the 750. They went to injection on the 800, although early examples were still carbs.
  11. That is one sweet Monster.
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    Always nice to see a Ducati one on the road. My riding instructor had a Monster 1100 EVO w/ Termignoni pipes on it. like this one
  13. My registration was expired, got it renewed. Need to do some put some fork seals, do some jetting, brake work and my bike will be back on road hopefully. Also, need to get the fuel tank dents removed but that can be done later.
  14. Just some updated pictures.
  15. I really don't care for the Colorado/Canyon twins, but yours is actually pretty hot.
  16. Haven't been on here in a while; love seeing what everyone's been upgrading to over the years.

    Figured I'd throw up my two toys: '06 750 track and '04 1000

    I've non-intentionally turned into a Gixxer person.
  17. Your track bike is hot.
  18. love the wrapped exhaust on the 1000
  19. Unsurpisingly I have also been considering a 600/750 GSXR for track work.
  20. same , but when I looked into it for mine found a lot sport bikes have issues when they are wrapped.
  21. what sort of issues normally arise?
  22. I have never ever heard this before. I too would like to hear what these issues are

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