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  1. as I recall it was overheating issues ...

    heat gets trapped which could lead to seal separation, cracking of the pipes too.

    edit: looks like Titanium pipes especially prone to cracking due to high temps.
  2. I started riding last year and I've been through four bikes already.

    My first bike was a 1996 model Honda CBR250RR. Not a bike that was ever sold in North America I believe. Was an awesome little bike. Only 250cc's but inline 4 and 19,000rpm redline. I sold it after 10 months of ownership because it was too physically small for me.

    Next bike, 2012 Kawasaki ER-6n. Bought it brand new and loved it. The parallel twin engine had good torque but the bike felt heavy. I should have kept it and now regret selling it 6 months ago.

    Then, I went to a 2010 model GSXR 750. Again, loved the bike but too track focused and just didn't work on the street. The engine goes berserk at high revs but doesn't work so well at lower revs. And the riding position is not comfortable for any long distance riding. If I did track days it would be perfect but I only ride on the street.

    And finally, I now have a 2010 model Kawasaki Z1000. Terrific engine and riding position. The engine works at all revs and the bike looks fantastic. I'll be keeping this one I think. If I sell it I'll go for a Aprillia Tuono or a Ducati Streetifghter. I haven't taken any pictures of it but it's exactly the same as the picture below.
  3. That Kawasaki Z1000 is awesome. From that angle it reminds me of the MV Agusta Brutale.
  4. I love the looks of the Z1000 too. In fact, I parked it on a sidewalk on the beach a few days ago and some young guy's were swooning all over it and took pictures of themselves with it. Made me feel good to own it.

    I also replaced the stock mufflers with a set of Vance and Hines Urban Street Brawlers. They improve the sounds dramatically at low revs and the mufflers also look much better than stock.
  5. That is most likely due to people wrapping the pipes right to the engine. And the wrap works a lot different on a harley Sporster than a sport bike. Many many harley/cruiser owners straight pipe their bikes or they have a straight pipe with a muffler. Whereas on most sport bikes you have your header then mid-piping then your accumulator/pre-chamber, then pipe and muffler. most people I know only wrap after the pre-chamber. or delete the pre-chamber and start wrapping from a few inches below the manifold, mid-pipe to muffler. If you wrapped the headers on a sport bike I could see it building a lot of extra heat in that area and possibly causing some issues. but if you start below the header I cant see there being issues.
  6. yeah I agree it depends on the application and the wrap job most importantly the material of the exhaust. There was enough evidence to suggest the potential downside was much greater than the upside (which was aesthetics mainly)
  7. Titanium has a beautiful color, should not be wrapped... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  8. Just talked to a buddy of mine, has the new Panigale. He has an aftermarket exhaust on it and has it wrapped. I asked him why and his answer was pretty simple. It looks good and his gf kept burning her shoes and leg on a bend of the pipe near the passenger footpeg. now that its wrapped she doesnt get burned anymore. The wrap I guess insulates the pipe which makes sence. and prevents the heat from transfering out the pipe. but he said now if he hold a piece of cardboard behind his exhaust tip it will light the cardboard on fire within seconds.
  9. Picked up a 2002 Suzuki Marauder 250 yesterday. Something small to teach myself how to drive, and it was dirt cheap. I got a really good deal on it.
  10. I now have a truck, this thread is for me!
  11. Me and my 70s-era pushrod are now part of this thread, too.

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  13. Holy fack. What's the 0-60 on that thing. I dunno man its nice but I think it might have a little more power than I need
  14. Seeing it's 60 years old I think a time of 0-60 in 2 sec of freefall is good enough.
  15. Hmm pictures went poof. Here are some updated shots I took.

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  16. I'm reposting my terrible, terrible truck.

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  17. whats so terrible about it?
  18. Its fine mechanically and electrically. Its just exactly what you'd expect from a late 90s truck with no options (which isn't that good).
  19. Track footage from Pärnu, Estonia. Friend rode a Yamaha R6, I chase with my Gsxr. He exits corners with much higher confidence while I claw back in faster corners.

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