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  1. geeeeeeeetarrrrrrrrrrr + brake liiiiiiiiiights
  2. Clip those strings.
  3. i don't have any cutters ;_;
  4. oh cmon, just a toolbox must have one
  5. i don't have any tools!
  6. haha, this line is such an open door for wit. I'll just leave it opened.
  7. hahah
  8. Gretsch FTW
  10. omg i did some gig photography! it was difficult/awesome.
  11. awesome!
  12. If I had one of those/give me one I'd paint the b-pillar black. Best ever.
  13. Toyota Auris Tspirit wheel
  14. Woah sweet photography man, poast moar!
  15. Moar pixxx!

    1) Random hossie
    2) My friend's hossie - his name is Rocky
    3) Random field/cool-shaped tree - PSed to the MAXXXXXX. I need an ND Grad filter
    4) Doggy tied up at the stables with the hossies
    5) Mo'fuggin HUGE Jetski thing. I think it was a 1400cc or something
    6) Ickle jumpy
    7) Supermannnnnnnn
    8) Housemate avec massive lens
    9) Housemate's mate loling at how the 28-70mm f2/8 L is bigger than his 400d
    10) Not posing whatsoever! shutup!
  16. Choice cuz.
  17. I like 7. And 8!
  18. you WOULD like #8 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

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