Photoshop contest 15

Discussion in 'Artwork - Photoshops and Sketches' started by Porsche addict, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. After seeing lots of nice pictures of the new Camaro in the Car Pictures forum and a short conversation about them with Archaeopteryx I decided to choose one of the pics for this new photoshop contest.

    Entries have to be mailed to [email protected] before saturday, 22th of July 10 PM. Entries have to have a resolution of at least 1024*768.

    Good luck all
  2. Awesome, I'm in, of course.
  3. Great choice for a target car!
    I'm in...
  4. hmm, ill try this weekend.
  5. I'll give it a go. The next time could we please have a more normal car? I just think these special cars already has an extensive design, which makes it hard to PS them.
    No matter what i'am in, and thank you for the time you are spending on these contests.
  6. Cool choice. These ones should be cool.
  7. I got your mail but you didn't attach the picture
  8. Sorry that I didn't join in the previous time, despite that I had a lot of ideas =/ lack of spare time/patience I guess.
  9. No problem, and I dont spend long moments on it working either. Just 5 a 10 minutes when I feel like it or have an idea.
  10. Dammit... Sent.
  11. Damm, i can't get my Photoshop to work properly, my computer crashes every time i open PS. I guess i've been downloading to much filth.
    But nonetheless i can't join this competition. :-(

    BTW, i anybody knows what is wrong, please let me know.
  12. Does it only happen when you open PS? And you can try reinstalling PS.
  13. Filth?
  14. Yeah, and i've tried to reinstall PS. Sometimes the computer just restarts and other times it just freezes.

    St1g---> You know what i mean...
  15. hmm, i guess i wont have enough time to try this one, oh well, ill be in the next one for sure.
  16. I haven't done much on it either but I'm gonna finish it tomorrow

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