Photoshop contest 23

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    lol, i was joking <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A> this is quite big, a bit crappy, but maybe resized to 1600 it could be good looking
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  3. Whoops. Added it now
  4. do we really have to do the SSC? its soo damn ugly it puts me off..
  5. I'll make the thread for the new contest this evening.
  6. i dont have 50 regular posts so i'll post it here..

    This is my entry that never made it

    It was ready 3 days before the deadline, but while I was applying the finishing touches, my computer prompted me for an update to Windows XP Sp2.

    I had only just reformatted my pc, so i had to reinstall it. Fair enough I said, so i saved the remaining work, closed all programs and left the pc installing while I was at work. When I came back it prompted me to restart so I did...

    When it restarted, i got the unfamiliar message..

    shit i thought, what now??? i restarted the pc, and found to my disbelief that sp2 had corrupted or deleted a system file and any attempts to fix it failed. I sent my pc to the workshop where they re-installed the missing file and kept my current files and settings..

    so, dreadfully late, heres my entry.

    I havent done any work on it since my pc came back from hospital..

    what do you think?
  7. it's ok, but you should care more about detail and less about "funny details"
  8. which details are you referring to exactly?
  9. even if looking the pic it seems a mess i think it's a pretty good job, i made worst stuff
  10. Oh ok, yeah some stuff was still scruffy. I was working on it when the computer went puff and didnt touch it after the deadline was over.

    and i was bored when I added the ORLY? plane lol

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