Photoshop contest 24 *Deadline changed

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    Photoshop contest 24

    I know some of you wanted the SSC Aero but seriously, there aren't any good pictures of it. There's high res on their webpage but the angles suck.

    That's why I went with the BMW Concept CS. This should lead to some pretty badass creations I think.

    Entries have to be mailed to before 10 PM, Friday, 1st of June. Take your time and put some work into it. Entries have to have a resolution of at least 1024*768. (they will be resized to 1024*768 if they are larger)

    The entries of previous contests can be found over here:

    Good luck all

    PS: If you've got an idea for a car/picture for one of the next contests, please PM me and I'll see what I can do.

    EDIT: DEADLINE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO: Friday, 15th of June before 10 PM
  2. Photoshop contest 24

    Hmm... I have some ideas for this one. I'm a bit unhappy you chose a picture that shows so little of the side of the car though, but it's probably fine.
  3. Photoshop contest 24

    I was choosing between 2 pics. One that showed more of the side but would have been very hard to work with because of reflections. And another one which was a bit too much front-on. Then I finally found this picture which is kinda in between.
  4. Photoshop contest 24

    Yes im glad the 24th contest got up so fast.

    This will be a good contest,

    Good luck all photoshoppers .

  5. Photoshop contest 24

    Right, well it's just a minor pre-trial-and-error itch, I'm sure it'll be fine.
  6. Photoshop contest 24

    My work is starting to get along nicely, i've gotten quite a bit already =D .

    Pshop-on guys ;D
  7. Photoshop contest 24

    I think I'm gonna put some time into this. I've been kinda lazy with some of the previous contests or didn't even participate but this one I'm going for it 100%.
  8. Photoshop contest 24

    I guess I'm in. Tried a bunch of stuff already, but with no decent results. With a design this Bangle'd, It'll take a lot of shopping before it looks even remotely attractive
  9. Photoshop contest 24

  10. Photoshop contest 24

    I actually think it looks pretty hot stock.
  11. Photoshop contest 24

    I'm having a really hard time trying to make it look better.
  12. Photoshop contest 24

    I won't be entering this one. Not because of the photo choice, I just don't really feel like dedicating the necessary time to do it well. Though, I do look forward to voting. Should be interesting to see what people come up with.
  13. Photoshop contest 24

    i already changed the whole front. looks even better now imo.
  14. Photoshop contest 24

    i'm not entering this one because i'm short of ideas. the car has so many cuts and swages i cant think of anything to do to it.

    I'm looking foward to entering.

    PS: I'm sorry for not making it to contest 23. my pc just stopped working the day i had finished.
  15. Photoshop contest 24

    i'm in
  16. Photoshop contest 24

    I'm sure I will be.
  17. Photoshop contest 24

    haha mine is turning out so ugly!
  18. Photoshop contest 24

    my front looks like a beetle mixed with a ferrari 360 lol.
  19. Photoshop contest 24

    mine looks like a boat had sex with a pontiac aztek and the kid turned out to have downs syndrome. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  20. Photoshop contest 24

    hahaha. didn't even know you could photoshop btw.
  21. Photoshop contest 24

    That sounded really bad :D .

    Mine is slowly starting to grow into something nice so far (i suppose) =D.

  22. Photoshop contest 24

    i have gimp which makes it kinda hard lol
  23. Photoshop contest 24

    mine just looks shit probably cos ive only been photoshoping a few days
  24. Photoshop contest 24

    i never learned using the gimp, even if i've downloaded the version that must be similar to p shop
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    Photoshop contest 24

    Everyone has to learn <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    You might want to check this webpage, it's good some good tips for beginners:

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