Photoshop contest 29

Discussion in 'Artwork - Photoshops and Sketches' started by Porsche addict, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. I wish I could lock members in the Fiero forums
  2. you have been disqualified
  3. Size is perfect
  4. valid point^
  5. 1024X768 is fine.

    The contest should be more about the idea and the execution, not the technical quality of the photoshopping. It makes it more fun for people, as they don't have to spend nearly as much time making sure all their edits are super neat. It expands the range of donor images that can be used as the resolutions are lower, and also allows people of different abilities to enter, as the margin for error is more generous.
  6. Yeah definitely. more entries is always more fun.
  7. So who has started theirs?
  8. I've started collecting/searching for donor pics. not really started to amalgamate them yet.
  9. Mine is almost done lol
  10. I think anonymous entries would be a good idea. should we email our entries to Porsche Addict?
  11. Yeah that's customary.
  12. what's the email address to use?
  13. Nice! I am getting there as well. Put a few hours in after work last night since it was too hot to leave my house.
  14. Aside from the obvious (google images) what are some good sites to find donor pics. It feels like there is too much random garbage to sift through on google to get to the good pics. Even if you filter by large image res..
  15. read the first post <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  16. as opposed to just looking for random cars on google, the way I do it is to think of specific parts of other cars i could transplant (aston side vents, for example), then just google that specific car for images. The results are usually more useable.

    or just use this site.

    EDIT: using google to find caches of media/promo photos is useful too - they're usually the best ones to use for photoshopping purposes.
  17. #$%#. I actually read the first post before suggesting it. turns out I didn't read it closely enough!
  18. Yea, I do have a specific car in mind when I search it. I just have trouble finding hq images in the right angle. I will try to media release sites though and see if that brings me anything.

  19. my car actually has parts of an mercedes slr and audi rs6 lol
  20. I am trying to keep everything in the family and use only VW group vehicles.
  21. No wai.
  22. I'm using a complete junkyard as my outlandish ideas just.won'
  23. I'd like to take this time to say just how amazingly useful Content Aware Fill is in CS6. Truly awesome.
  24. I wish I had that version
    working with CS3

    I really want to give away what cars I'm working with, but because we're all submitting this secretly, so we can't see which belongs to whom, I just can't do it.
  25. I'm working on a few ideas but nothing seems to look just right.

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