Photoshop contest 29

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  1. Correct, the names only get revealed after the voting results.
  2. I have cs5 back at home and it's awesome yeah. Probably better with cs6.

    Cs2 is really limited lol. In cs5 if i wanted to select something i just use the magnetic lasso and refine edges, here i can't <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  3. My parts are so subtle that you probably won't notice it. The car looks nothing like the original though. Completely different car.
  4. I am almost done with mine and am pretty happy with how it turned out, but I am sure that everything that I did was done the hard way and that somewhere in the millions of buttons and billions of menu options, there was a button that just did it for me. I really wish that I knew ps better. Lets make these more frequent so that I have motivation to practice lol. Either that, or post 2-3 pics at a time and basically have multiple branches of the competition running simultaneously as one
  5. which tool did you use?
  6. I used the polygon lasso tool a lot for chopping and used the normal brush tool waay to much. What is the best way to mimic the pixelated paint on this van for instance if I am deleting a feature of the car and just want to "paint" over it with paint that will blend. I tried using the eyedropper and then the brush, but since the brush has no imperfections, it looks unnatural. Copying a section of paint from elsewhere doesn't match the lighting too well.
  7. Gonna start on mine when I get back from vacation. I guess I'll download the latest Photoshop version too.
  8. Clone stamp, probably.
  9. Finished and send mine.

    I'm happy with the result. Looks pretty badass.
  10. I need to get back to work on mine.
  11. ugh, I don't have any good ideas.
  12. Now that I'm back from vacation I'll start working on mine.
  13. Entry submitted.
  14. Porsche, did you get mine? I think I remember sending it, but I emptied my sent items at work.
  15. Got it yes, received 3 entries so far I think.
  16. Perfect, thanks.
  17. When's the voting open?
  18. I'll create the poll this evening.

    Been kinda busy enjoying the weather and celebrating my birthday.
  19. Ohhhhhh shit, I totally forgot about this.
  20. aw man I completely forgot to finish mine

    here's where I stopped haha
  21. dat stance

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