photoshop my z28 plz.

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  1. hey this is my 79 z28 and i was thinking of powder coating the rims black and puting black stripes on it when i repaint it. can someone who is good with the program do this for me. thank you.

    btw sry the picture is big i thot id give who ever does it a big picture to work with for details, u can make it smaller if you want.
  2. well first learn to take a good profile pic the dosent cus any thing off
  3. whoah nice car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>. I like the black infront of the hood scoops.
  4. hmmm... i believe there is enohg car there to put stripes on lmao. i did it quick. learn how to not be a dick. how about that =).

    y are people on this site such morons?
  5. BTW...what camera are you looks pretty chunky.
  6. haha the thumbnail looks surprisingly promising
  7. I actually thought it was serious before i opened it! haha, +1
  8. I gave it a quick try
  9. just a thought but... how bout the baldwin motion for it...Sorry i can't p'shop but here's what i'm talking about

    P.S. Nice car... My dad had a 79 z28 that he totaled
  10. thats not a 79, though if ur saying that, looks more like a 72 or 73, but thats the paint job im lookn for but with stripes going closer together and around the scoop, or ill just put the scoop over them.
  11. You might want to get the scoop before you go stripe it
  12. i have the scoop its on the car. but its detachable (spell?) so ill paint the stripes under where the scoop should be then ill place the scoop over the stripes to make it look like it was painted around it. thats what most do who put stripes on the 79 z28 with that kind of scoop. =)
  13. I know it's not.. it's a 70 1/2... i was just throwing it out c/ the stripes are a little different...
  14. Ah alright, fair enough <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  15. nice camaro..holy....thats sweet, we dont get camaros in UK so i freak out if i see one
  16. lol. thx bud. it still needs to be painted haha as u can see the clear coat is comn off in places. =) its nothn special. i just got it for my 17th birthday.
  17. well i'm back at college and bored so I started messing around w/ p'shop yesterday (so it's not the greatest) but... here's what I slapped together.
  18. I can't photoshop for crap, but as a 3rd gen owner, I must say that's a nice 2nd gen you have.
  19. yea thats what im going for without the rear end being all black lol. and the louvers(spell) on the side. its about rite tho =)
  20. thx man =)

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