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  1. about half those links dont work anymore
  2. How old is this thread that people are still talking about CS2 as if it was new?
  3. 2004 or something? i still use cs2 btw.
  4. teach me oh master-baiter
  5. what
  6. Was gonna ask for some advice on cs2 and how to do shit.

    I'll figure it out somehow
  7. go ahead and ask
  8. Essentially this, without the gamertag

    From these. No idea what I'm doing
  9. you want the carbon texture in the right picture?
  10. Yeah with the weave going in the one direction
  11. hmmmm ok, i will make it for you when i have time today. then i will explain what i did.
  12. Cheers heaps
  13. is this what you are looking for?
  14. wow yeah pretty much, except the hole. Can you cover that over?
  15. anything else need to be done to it?
  16. May I see it with an orange border please?
  17. not my cleanest job ever, but i hope it's good enough.
  18. Cheers. How do you do that?
  19. first ive cut the carbon texture and pasted in the other picture. then i lined everything up. turned down the opacity down a bit of the layer with the carbon in it. this makes you see the lines you need to draw. then i used the pen tool to draw and cut out the carbon bits that werent needed on the pic. the orange line was made by putting a stroke on the carbon layer, it follows the lines of what ive cut out. there's probably an easier and better way to draw an orange line like that, but this is how i did it.
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    Good website I stumbled upon a while back. They give sometimes obvious advice about automotive photography, but still worth the read.
    And of course a few "how to's" in photoshop.
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    Vehicle wraps are a design challenge in themselves. Layout, color, images and content are all very important aspects of an effective car wrap. Fortunately many template systems exist to which allow a designer to layout the vehicle wrap design and view it on a representation of the actual vehicle to be wrapped. These template systems allow the designer to choose the vehicle make, model, year and body configuration and get a reasonably accurate template of that vehicle.

    While we accept not had an befalling to analysis anniversary car blanket arrangement system, we accept acclimated abounding of them. So you can apprentice from our wisdom… er, mistakes. Digital artisan should be alert of a few things afore hasty into assembly with a car arrangement based car wrap. Abounding of the templates are not 100% authentic so artists should yield abstracts from the car above-mentioned to assembly to assure that the arrangement abstracts are actual for the car in question. Most instructions aural the arrangement systems themselves admonish this (for those of us who do not apprehend instructions.)

    In abounding cases a artist may be faced with a car in which a arrangement does not exist. In this case designers needs to be able to appropriately set up the art at calibration application alone abstracts from the car itself. Abounding shops chase a almost simple workflow for this. Since we plan mainly in Adobe’s Photoshop CS3 for designs we will call the action application photoshop terms, but there is no acumen this action will not plan in added architecture programs with accessory modifications. It should aswell be acclaimed at this time that this is not the alone action accessible to achieve the aforementioned end. There are abounding means to get to breadth we’re going, maybe we’ll get into added means to architecture after a arrangement in approaching editions.

    It should be acclaimed that the afterward tutorial is based on how we accept set up our car wraps. We use Macs, a brace of MacBook Pros and Mac G5′s active Adobe’s Creative Suite CS3 Architecture Premium. I about like to accord Adobe a little while afore I advancement so all the kinks can be formed out of new versions. We will be advance to Adobe CS4 shortly.

    We architecture car wraps by sides. We lay out the drivers ancillary first. This is the capital appulse breadth of the barter or car and accordingly sets the architecture accent for the blow of the vehicle. To activate we usually yield copious amounts of abstracts on the vehicle. I will again go to Photoshop and accessible a file.

    Designers of car wraps about alter in the following, so apprehend through this and accept a workflow action that works for you. Abounding designers accept to set up their photoshop book at 100% calibration and at final book resolution. At the actual atomic the book accept to be at a able calibration for the car in question. Be abiding to leave some drain breadth to atone for installation. Barter Wraps and Car Wraps alter from Trailer Wraps and Box Barter Boxes in the actuality that we tend to accord a bit added allowance in the art for addition about the edges during accession on a car and barter wrap.

    Depending on the admeasurement and capabilities of your computer arrangement you may accept to access the ppi or pixels/inch. We about plan at 72-150 ppi at 100% calibration with acceptable resolution photos and accept not had any issues. (Photo resolution is a acceptable accountable for addition post.) Bottom band is to use the accomplished ppi or the better calibration you can get abroad with for the computer you are using.

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