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  1. Can somebody slap these on for me?
  2. that's an impossible thing to do. the wheels you posted don't line up with the angle of the car you posted.
  3. That's why it's called photoshop. Surely you can manipulate it somehow?
  4. it can be done
  5. It doesn't look great because the photo of the wheels has much different lighting, and is taken from a different angle, but I gave it a quick shot. AND THE CAR DOESN'T HAVE BRAKES ANYMORE ZOMG!!
  6. They look weird at that size. If they were a tad bigger they would be alright, dont know about that color though. If the car was a tad darker it would be a better fit.
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    How large can you go before it #$%#s with the wheel travel room and all that? Those rims look ok but would look better larger as was stated.
  9. That stock rim is 16in. The ones I provided are 18. If I was to get them I would go for a 17in rim.

    The car already has very good handling. I would be scared 18s would #$%# it up. Also the price factor, and the fact that I'd probably need a camber kit as well.

    17s + lowered probably a better option.
  10. just remember: If you put the correct profile/size of tire on there, the effective rolling diameter will be the same, keeping you from #$%#ing anything up.
  11. point noted, but at the moment still trying to find something that looks good...
  12. What's that website where you put your car in and it lets you pick out wheelz.

    .....I will try to find it.
  13. I know tirerack does it, but they'll only let you put wheels on your car if they are in their inventory and they know them to be a proper fit for your car. So, no daydreaming about what these wheels or those wheels might look like if they don't actually fit.
  14. Yep, that was it.

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