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  1. WTF is this?!
  2. I was thinking the same thing
  3. perfect!
  4. cd player
  5. krasnoyarsk
  6. irkutsk/baikal
  7. lago di garda
  8. 1. ₪·`k|k0-™·₪ ● d|-.^|b says:
    thats my teacher
    ₪·`k|k0-™·₪ ● d|-.^|b says:
    but my hand was shaking/iso mode was on
    ₪·`k|k0-™·₪ ● d|-.^|b says:
    haha she didnt even realize i was taking pics of her ass

    2. This chick in my class
  9. my phone pix
  10. I know I didn't take it sharply, however, saw this at the Czech Airport of Prague waiting for my transfer flight.

  11. I want that stuff :O
  12. UAZ 3909

    This model, a �farmer� of wagon type is a special cargo-passenger all-wheel drive truck with three side single-leafed doors and two-leafed body rear end door. The main advantage of the vehicle is that it can simultaneously accommodate: a driver, 6 passengers and 450 kg of cargo in the separate compartment. An interior table, more powerful heater, and other design innovations make this vehicle a most reliable helper when working as well as an irreplaceable companion when fishing, hunting or driving to the countryside.

    Comfort, universality and off-road capability seem to be incompatible qualities but UAZ-3909 �Farmer� combines them all.

    The vehicle is powered by petrol engines:
    * Fuel displacement 2.445 L (output � 92 HP) produced by Zavolzhsky Engine Plant (ZMZ-402) or Ulyanovsky Engine Plant (UMZ-4178).
    * Fuel displacement 2.89 L (output-98 HP) � 4218, produced by Ulyanovsky Engine Plant.
  13. Casspir

    Someone find me how much one of these costs

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