pice of shit

Discussion in '1986 Ferrari GTB Turbo' started by 94octainemotorsports, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. man ferrari what did u do mess up or somthing?????????????????im confused it looks odd and 245hp ummmmmmmmma wow thats a lot of hp but not enough for this ferrari like 500 550 there u go now that sounds like a ferrari
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    **** off jablowme. It's a big improvement over the 308GTB, 308GT4, Mondial, and Dino. Not only that, but it's 100 times better than what you drive. Stupid man-gina.
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    Your a #$%#in dumbass, why do they let people like you join this site, this car is beautiful, any Ferrari is, much prettier than any mustang or any domestic PIECE OF SHIT, i cant stand people like you Jap is Crap, god your a #$%#ing idiot you probably drive some old piece of shit mustang from the 80's and live in a trailer you god damn redneck, shut your mouth because when someone is as ignorant as you they have no room to criticize a car like a Ferrari, ANY Ferrari
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    Couldn't have said it better myself,lol
    Freaking mustang driving REDNECK,lol haha!
    I hate mustangs and all American cars!
    Imports Rule!!!!!!!!!!!
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    typical #$%#ing american
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    stangs are shit, u dont understand how awesome this is u #%$, get a life, there are cars beyond the rusty hood of ur shitstang
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    All right dude now I understand what you are saying about the redneck but WHAT THE FUK!!! I'M an American and I love ITALIAN cars!!!!!! It doesn't have to do with nationality, it has to do with personal preference. I personally appreciate ALL cars. HE WAS NOT TALKING SHIT on this Ferrari, he was stating that he thought it was underpowered, and that Ferrari could have done better!!! Now if you could have settled down you could have calmly explained to him that this car was a good and rare car back then, and still is. You would tell him to look at the weight. You would have patiently explained to him why this car is not a disappointment, instead of freaking out on him just because his signature has Mustang in it. He even stated that he liked Ferrari by saying that "Ferrari could have done better." QUIT FUKIN' STEREOTYPING ALL AMERICANS YOU DUMBFUK CUM-SUCKING ASSHOLE DICKHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn to appreciate cars for what they are and RESPECT PEOPLES' OPINIONS!!! Now, there is my replies to you Mr.Mustang about you somewhat incorrect statements and THERE IS MY REPLIES TO YOU YOU BUNCH OF AMERICAN HATING BASTARDS. I bet you're all American but too jealous and pitiful to admit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all. Thank you for you fukin' time.
  8. im american and i can appreciate a car for what it is.. there are just a bunch of dumbasses who cant see past there 1980 mustang.. not all americans are as dumb or ignorant as him. but there are alot lol.
  9. why do i even bother saying this again dont post if your going to make fun of the car
  10. No Ferrari is a piece shit.

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