Pick what i wear tonight...quick!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ferrarista01, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Ok dont know which one to choose

    Its quite cold but its livable without a long sleeve, will be worn with gray jeans.

    Going to have a shower BRB
  2. Blue is pimp.
  4. Pimp as in?
  5. I like the black one
  6. Pimp as in rollin' up in a black Caddy DTS with Snoop Dogg boomin' through your trunk mounted woofers with silver 20" rims, sportin' gold fronts, gold chains, a blue top hat, Old Spice cologne, bling & flashin' $20's & $100's as you roll up to tha club, yo.
  7. RL overload.

    also it's grey bruz.
  8. Holy shit at the RL emblem on the black shirt! Massive.

    I'd go black, but it's #$%#in cold so longs sleeves is probably the way to go.
  9. i'm wearing a sneaker freaker shirt out w00t w00t
  10. Ok black it is, thanks!

    Going to get drunk, brb
  11. that huge logo is the tackiest thing this side of p996t
  12. the black one is so shit. OH LOUK AT MEHHH, IT'S A REALL POLO, BY RALPH LAUREN
  13. lol you wear those to bars?
  14. Blue looks like a sleezy scottish rugby player who couldn't afford a drink.

    Black looks rich and pimp.
  15. Blue. The black one's tacky
  17. Those look pretty casual? I think i's wear the black if i had to.
  18. Why is this such a hard decision/they're #$%#ing polos. Just pick one it doesn't really matter.
  19. it's already 2 am or something over there
  20. Track pants with some Pumas

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