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  1. Pick your top 10 songs from any of the following 30. They are simply About.com's Top 500 Songs
    These 6 artists are most prevalent on the list. I can show you a spreadsheet with entries if you want to see.
    Top 5 from each artist according to above list.

    There's no need to freak out and go crazy, just pick your top 10 from the below list.

    Pink Floyd
    1.Comfortably Numb
    3.Wish You Were Here
    4.Another Brick in the Wall (Pt.2)
    5.Hey You

    Led Zeppelin
    1.Stairway to Heaven
    2.Rock and Roll
    4.Whole Lotta Love
    5.Black Dog

    The Beatles
    1.A Day in the Life
    3.Hey Jude
    4.Let It Be
    5.While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    The Rolling Stones
    2. It’s Only Rock and Roll
    3. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    4. Brown Sugar
    5.Sympathy for the Devil

    The Who
    1.Won’t Get Fooled Again
    2.Baba O’Riley
    3.Behind Blue Eyes
    4. My Generation
    5. Pinball Wizard

    The Doors
    1.Light My Fire
    2.Roadhouse Blues
    3. L.A. Woman
    4. Touch Me
    5. Break On Through
  2. 1.Comfortably Numb
    3. Baba O'Riley
    4. Stairway to Heaven
    5. Hey Jude
    6. Wish You Were Here
    7. Won't Get Fooled Again
    8. Rock and Roll
    9. Let It Be
    10. Light My Fire

    This was pretty hard, but it may change on any given day.
  3. Pink Floyd
    5.Hey You

    Led Zeppelin
    4.Whole Lotta Love

    The Beatles
    4.Let It Be
    5.While My Guitar Gently Weeps (ex beatle song0

    The Rolling Stones
    Other- Paint it black (quite possibly the best stones song ever, asstard.
    5.Sympathy for the Devil

    The Who
    3.Behind Blue Eyes
    The Doors
    Other -The End (The doors best song, asstard)
    4. Touch Me
  4. Are you insulting me? I told you that I didn't make this list. And you totally suck at directons. See my example and try and work from there, asstard/
  5. Impy didn't pick the songs, asstard.
  6. From those artists:

    Pink Floyd:
    -Comfortably Numb

    Led Zep:
    -Imigrant Song

    The Beatles:
    -Let it be

    The Stones:
    -Paint it Black
    -Let it Bleed

    The Who:
    -Won't Get Fooled Again
    -Let it Bleed

    The Doors
    -Break on through
    -The End
  7. YOur list and rules suck. I don't care where you found them asstard. I made the thread awsome.
  8. Wish You Were Here
    L.A. Woman
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Baba O’Riley
    Behind Blue Eyes
    Let It Be
    .A Day in the Life
    Hey Jude
  9. Other than the stones, those are my top 5 favorite bands.
  10. Yes, you are right..:roll

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