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  1. I got to judge. My votes went to the 'Lemon Ginger Cake' and the 'Stick'

    The winners were the 'Ganja Almond Roca' and the 'Stick.'

    By the time I realized I should be taking pics of all the specimens, I had already smoked about half of each, so the buds look less great than they did out of the packages.

    When I showed up, they handed everyone with a Judges Pass a delicious home made root beer (made with hemp) and it was really super fantastic. I'm gonna try and pick up a six pack of it.

    Then we made our way past the DJ / Dance party half of the facility and headed to the main room. Where there was a constant endless supply of food, both canna-foods and normal. We ate and handed our passes to the woman standing in the middle of the 4 tables which formed a large square 'bar.' Which was constantly circulating gigantic silver platters of cookes, brownies, fudge, muffins, almond roca - all cooked by someone who takes pride in their work. And it was all heavy on the canna-front. It was all so decadent, like real gourmet confections. And it was endless and free. As well as the chocolate fountain, which also had canna-oil infused, adjacent a giant platter of freshly cut fruit, fresh for dipping in the delicious warm chocolate.

    Also at the table there was a bartender that just kept serving up the giant peace pipe, rolling enormous joints, and filling vaporizer bags. There were 4 volcano vaporizers I think.

    There were so many people and it was really crowded, so my camera was a little cumbersome. But I managed to get a handful of pics, which all took place a couple hours into it when we were finally able to get a few seats at the main table. Which happened to be adjacent the chocolate fountain and fruit platter. We parked there for the rest of the night. Went home at about 1am.
  2. Here are the 5 flowering entries. Remember, I had smoked about half of each. I had also eaten all of the food. The ice cream first, which was amazing, but it was starting to melt in the warm atmosphere.

    The ice cream turned into a delicate mousse as it began to melt. It was spectacular and would have been absolutely to die for if, get this, had it been melted and poured atop vanilla ice cream! THAT would be rad! Melted ice cream on top of frozen ice cream!?>?!

    After the judging was done and the winners had been declared, the food kept coming, there was tons of the contest entries on the platters. I managed to save a few things and bring them home. Like the fudge, which I just had melted in a cup of coffee.

    It was the best latte I have ever had.

    As well as some more lemon things, which I sent back with my friend to give to his mother, who appreciates amazing foods and is a 5 star chef herself. Born and raised in Italy. She loves this kinda shit.
  3. Flower Entry A: Sticky

    As I mentioned in the opening post, this was my pick for number 1, as well as the majority of the crowd apparently, as it was also the winner. With the Black Berry in a close second.

    The thing about this weed, is that it truly lives up to its namesake. I don't think I have ever seen a flower this gooey. It was so covered in resin that it tore apart almost like tar. It was almost stretchy.

    The flavor was very powerful with a strong bite to it that almost made my throat want to close up, but it did not.

    The high from it was seriously fast and strong. This stuff went straight to the head fast. Every time it would come around, I would kind of forget what was going on for a second. It also burned really slowly, and lasted a long time - which was what I noticed first about it. The Stick was my top pick for sure
  4. Flower Entry B: Black Berry

    (not Blackberry, which is also a fantastic strain, though)

    This stuff was the talk of the night. Never have I seen a flower with more 'bag appeal.' As in, people would pay top dollar for this stuff. It was almost black in color.

    Now, there are some common misconceptions with purple weed. The main thing is that "if it's purple, it's really good" - this is not always the case. However, sometimes it is pretty damn awesome. This was one of those times. Another is that in order to make weed purple, there are a couple things you can do during the flowering process. Namely, a phosphate deficiency, as well as lowering the temperature of the room.

    These are both ways to get your pot to turn purple, this doesn't mean it's good though. It usually just means it's nutrient deficient, in other words, 'not as good.'

    There are however, certain strains of pot that are naturally purple. Anyone who reads Cannabis Culture or High Times can tell you that. This was one of those strains. I believe it was a cross between normal 'Blackberry' and a less common strain called 'Black Dominia.' But I digress.

    The looks of this pot go without saying. And the fact that the stems within the buds were so bright green, means that the plant was not deprived of any nutrients. The burnt ash was also as white as snow, which means that there are no leftover nutrients in the buds, so it is much more natural tasting, and the smoke is not as harsh.

    The of the Black Berry was quite potent, as was the smell of both the flower, and the smoke it produced. Very fruity, with a faint hint of berry.

    The high was mild and pleasant. Very light and euphoric. Though not as sedating as the 'Stick'
  5. Flower Entry C: Afghooey

    THIS stuff was primo bud. The Afghani cannabis' always has a place in my heart. This was a cross between Afghani, and The Ooey Gooey.

    Afghan pot has a very spicy flavor, not unlike their foods. But it will not make you shit your pants. Well, maybe enough of it might.

    The looks were excellent as well. Lots of big crystals, yellowish-red hairs all over. It was a little dry though. At least my sample was, I dunno, maybe it just got crunched or something.

    My buddy picked it as his number 1 choice.

    The high was coherent with the Afghani strain standards; a heavy high with a real sedating feel. High 'Couch-Lock' factor. Overall excellent Chronic.
  6. Flower Entry D: Sour Diesel

    A personal favorite strain of mine. Originated on the East Coast of the US somewhere in the NYC area, as Marcus will gladly boast, and rightfully so. It is a spectacular bud.

    The thing that you notice right away with a Sour Diesel, is the super strong smell (not to be confused with regular Dielel, which is not as pungent). It is a very powerful odor that really gives it that 'skunky' characteristic. The odor almost burns one's nose.

    The flavor is up to par with the smell. Although, somehow you'd think that smoking a flower that smells like a combination of a men's locker room towel mixed with steak seasoning and a hint of a road-killed skunk would be disgusting, somehow, somehow, the flavor is quite fruity and indeed pleasant. But exhaling smoke through your nose may make you sneeze (it does to me.)

    The high has a slower onset, and lasts longer than most. It is rather sedating.
  7. Flower Entry E: TrainShine

    I knew nothing about this flower, and still don't have much to say. I know it was cross between Train Wreck (a fairly common and great strain, and Sunshine, a not as common and pretty good strain, named for its bright yellowy color).

    It certainly looked very appealing. Nicely trimmed buds with nice large trichomes and shiny white look to it. It was rather tacky and had a pleasant light odor. Reminded me of spring.

    This was nothing too special overall. It tasted good, got you pretty high, not too sedating (which is what I really like generally). But a very good weed for a more casual smoker. It did look excellent though, I gotta give the grower that.
  8. Some dude walked up and handed me a joint, I was like "Hey, thanks man." He was like, "Yeah no problem. I ground up all 5 of my contest buds and rolled this here joint." I was like, "Whoa, that's why it's so rowdy." He was like, "Yep, that's why it's also pretty big." I was like, "Word."

    Here's a pic of my friend Franchise working on it.
  9. some of this made way through chicago and it made my living room smell like a men's locker room, as you said.
  10. Yeah, Sour Diesel will get you in trouble real fast.
  11. this is the shit i have right now, i can't even open the bag in my house without stinking up the whole room. its unbelievable though.
  12. That looks pretty delicious
  13. i kinda want some pot right now

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