Pics of my 1G DSM AWD

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  1. Not that anyone is on the edge of their seat, but if you are curious what the predecesors to this car look like.....

    PS yeah I know, the Gold rims, It came that way. I will get rid of em when I get the chance aka have extra money from underhood stuff and bills.
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    Nice car, man. I have a 3G DSM Eclispe. If you guys would like to see pics of it, let me know.
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    i wannna see em im thiking bout buying a 2g tallon
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    There is no 3G DSM, just to let you know. Diamond Star Motors was phased out in late 1995 but kept the name for the turbo cars cause there was no differance. Just a little info for you people.
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    sweet i just bought a 550 maranello and put a supercharger on it top speed boosted to 203
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    Are you serious? wait stupid question.....
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    yes, its called inheritance, plus I live in West Palm Beach
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    So you are proud of the fact that you slam all other cars that did not cost as much as yours? Do you think you are better than the rest of us becuase you are a rich spoiled brat who cant write a normal sentence? Pics please. I suspect A) You are full of it. And B) you are spoiled and or really bored.
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    I'm not sure which one looks dumber, you are the car with gold rims.
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    thats a great insight....did it take you all night to come up with that one? Come on, this is a car forum not a make fun of people forum because you have too much rejection in your own life so it makes you feel better about yourself to do such things.
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    Or maybe a guy who says this crap in a thread? Yep, definitely looking "dumber" than me or my car. Oh yeah, and its "or" not "are".
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    Oh yeah, nice car reminds me of mine only i have pop up lights and Weld wheels w/slicks
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    Dude ferrari50 or whatever it is you suck at telling lies your probably some 9 year old kid with relly low self esteem who wants to be better than the rest of the world
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    Lucky Phuck!
    God i'm jealous,lol
    anyways Imports rule!!!!!!!!
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    stop all the bull shit this is a place for cars not some little dick heads
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    your not kidding. Its the only way the damned wheels could have gotten any unglier.......
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    Except that he is lying.
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    3gs are not DSMs! the 2g's only were considered DSMs because they were designed before the DSM venture was cancelled and were built in two lines.

    You have a Eclipse-galant middle aged man and female sportier car.

    Dang everybody wants to justify buying a slow fat family cruiser by calling it a DSM or a #%@* 3g eclipse. IT isn't. it is well suited to its market, which is not the enthusiasts or sports car market. Its middle aged balding men with families and girls.

    The only thing you got in common with a DSM is the bolt pattern and the early 1st year 17" rims.


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