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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 1998LS1, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. i have rocker arms in the box right now 1.8 ratio from comp cams but i'm thinking of getting cam and head work done from agostino racing right now. don't now though we'll see what the bank book allows.
  2. Is it just me or does your car look like a V6

    btw it sucks that you have to put the plate in the front.
  3. you're the first to say that but all the badging is in black so it might have a bit of a sleeper look. generally the dual tips give it a way next i'll get a photo of the rear. its never really bothered me to have plates on the front.
  4. nice car!!

    wow u guys got married on my 21st birthday!! Congratulations!!
  5. My friend had black one likes yours, except he made the back pipes go into one, everyone mistook him for a V6 until it was too late.
  6. nice, yeah a few people have made the mistake of trying to race me. i'll keep the tips the way they are though i like the look of them.
  7. happy belated birthday.
  8. Made or did he buy a Flowmaster? Because thats what I did to my LT1 only dumps from one pipe on the driver's side.
  9. do you like it like that or would you prefer a dual. personally i prefer the dual look.
  10. Flowmaster most likely.

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