1. The pics of this car in silver don't look very good. I like this red one.
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    the red one really looks like a ferarie from up front its nice thought but i would prefer this any time over that
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    Anything else that is nice man.
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    Shut up. This is so much faster, better looking, and better handling that the Hummer. It is even faster, better looking, and better handling than the ZO6
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    LMAO ur comparing this to a zo6 ur dumb u need to compare this wit like a ferrari i guess or a mercedese clk ya thats it a CLK!
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    yeah thats pretty stupid. a Z06 doesn`t even compare with a normal 911 let alone the 911 GT1
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    well...if u want to compare a vette to the 911 gt1...how bout the c5r...which one is better?

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