1. HI!

    delete ur sh1t

    or ban!
  2. HI!

    ur face is a crepe

    AAHA ahA HAah
  3. HI!

    answer the damn message or ill twist your nipples
  4. HI!

    i repeat... (click on "I like car")
    i enjoy nipple twist lol
  5. HI!

    ur pretty sick man
  6. Rebuild

  7. Rebuild

  8. HI!

    hey are you free tomorrow(6/29/07) in the evening because i need some help you can come over or i can come over if u dont respond by then ill call u
  9. HI!

    sh1t, sry bro.

    what was it? lol we should use email or aim or sumat

    and check your private messages
  10. HI!

    no big deal
  11. HI!

    "help" as in bumsecks?? ok

    edit: check your personal messages (should be in your profile page)
  12. HI!

    transformers tonight 7/6/07
  13. egargasdgf dfasdfsdf fg

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