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  1. I made this
  2. stuff for sale
  3. damnit sc.net
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  5. It has 2 too many doors, but I still want one.
  6. it did look good, but the suspension is so soft on those cars, any bump and the tire woud hit the fender.
  7. any way of tucking? what's the offset on those?
  8. they're 17x9 +8 with the spacer. They would fit if I rolled the fender, but they're not my wheels, and I'm getting rid of the car.
  9. ahh fair enough

    now that i've got the hydras on mine clearances are looking pretty tight for when i start lowering it... specifically on the front

    i think most of it is down to the quite wide tyres that I have on there... clears the strut but the arch looks like it's going to be pretty close
  10. use 205/55/16 tires, thats what I have on my hydras and I've never had clearance problems.
  11. i got the 225s really cheap though! lol. i'm going to see how it goes at stock height for now, then probably get 205s when i decide to lower
  12. my house on google streets finally, but its an old picture, like 2007.

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