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    they believe inbetween $800,000 and $1,500,000, but thats a massive difference.
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    well thats good i like knowledge id give u +1 if i could
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    Dude I don't know if I'm gullable or not. I don't want to say you are a liar because you might not be, but is there really a 18 cylinder veyron I haven't heard of yet? The 16/4 is my dream car, always has been always will be. I have Bugatti backgrounds, posters, pictures everywhere. I dream 16/4s. And I want to learn more about them. If anyone knows a site that gives lots of real veyron info let me know please I am very interested. Thanks.
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    Yes there is.
    It was another concept though.
    It had a W18 engine with 3 rows of 6 cylinders.

    EDIT: i mean W18
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    Thanx for the pics they rocked!!!
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    I think that it looks like dogs balls but goes like a ***** on heat
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    bugatti chose to reduce lag by using many small ones instead of a few big ones.
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    Quite it, you are hated amongst members, and you dont know shit.
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    $1,363,000 is the current USD price, but that could easily change, and most "dealers" will try to jack up the price becuz they're only supposed 2 make 50 a year. Anyone know where u could possibly buy one? Rumour has it that u hav 2 go 2 a Audi/Lamborghini dealership or an Exotic Car one, but why do i care being that I CANT AFFORD ONE!
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    hmmm... im getting some strange error... im giving you a -1

    im kidding.
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    Damn i just got to say 0-60 in 2.9 sec (probably faster) and top speed 252. CRAZY lol This is a bad ass car no matter what is does.
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    nice pictures thanks ferrari316

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