1. I've got some pics for you all
  2. Re: Pictures

    AWESOME PICS. Thank you soooo much!!!
  3. Re: Pictures

    where did u get these pics from... its like in your neighborhood or something
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    Here are some pics of the '96 GT1, I'm pretty sure the silver one above is the '97, both these cars are amazing, the reason I love Porsches.
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    where DID you get these pics from ???

    it llooks like outside your house or something
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    Very nice Pic's thanks.
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    NICEST PORSCHE EVER!!!! Thanx for the pictures.
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    the top picstures of the nwer ones you can really see hints of the Carrera GT where must of styled the Carrera from. the rear light especially.
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    can't see 'em :'(
  10. Re: Pictures

    I cant see them Either...some scripts or configuration i need to change?

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