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Discussion in '2005 Ford Mustang GT' started by Xbox man, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Wow! Old looks Restyled BORING! I mean really Who cares this car sucks!
  2. Wow! Old looks Restyled BORING! I mean really Who cares this car sucks!
  3. Wow! Old looks Restyled BORING! I mean really Who cares this car sucks!
  4. yea, i would take 300hp anyday, year after year they kept coming out with the same look, (not saying its ugly) and finally a change comes and ppl call it a peace of crap...wtf? lol
  5. 300hp doesn't sound like much nowadays, but 300hp for under 30K? Awesome.
  6. learn how to delete your messages we get the point after reading it once, but never the less you are right this car is a piece of crap.
  7. you have shitty taste. Besides, retro sells, and that's all that matters to Ford.
  8. This is such a retarded thread.
  9. thanks a lot man
  10. bad ass car for the money every thing so much improved.anybody that says this car is crap doesnt know what there talking about.
  11. Just wish to comment on some of the posts in the forum.
    300 hp today was alot yesterday and still is. Mainly this is due to improved technic, number of gears, gear ratio, torque etc.which has improved the allover performance compared to yesterday. This is why a 300 hp Mustang today would outperform a 300 hp Mustang of yesterday even though they are very similar in size and weight.
    Mustangs are most definetely not crap, it was'nt in the sixties and it sure like h... is not crap today. If that's Your opinion I'm not sure where Your mind's at but am sure you need a reality check. Mustang is about keeping it simple yet advanced for the buck, today it's very true and the stangs today are more advanced for the buck than ever. It's an art building a car like the Mustang with all of it's character, attitude and performance that today also include competitive cornering, roadholding, brakes far above the price tag. Building cars is all about money in the end and that goes for Ford as well as for anyone else.(feel sorry for the guys at GM who didn't realise that in time...) If Ford making money out of You buying a Mustang from them is hurting You,please try to find one to build You a car out of charity and you'll pay it on your taxbill instead. So Ford is giving You a very high value per buck on a car that sells like butter melts in a hot pan and that "everybody" wants to have on their driveway, if this is wrong what do You say when Ferrari, Lamborghini and more "legitimate serious car builders" produces supercars more or less with the sole and heavy aim to satisfy and overcharge some millionaires and get some of the honey out of their pockets, don't get me wrong I do like Ferraris and so very much admire the stamina they deliver. Basically, I think that the guys in Detroit that made the new Mustang possible should have a truckload of compliments for a job well done. Good work needs good pay and they can have some of my hard earned bucks anyday I pick up a Mustang (actually I did a year ago) I'm proud the bucks goes to an American producer for a very good product. I'm also happy to see more and more driveways houses this true American icon.
  12. ok dont even get me started. if you think that this car is "sweet" or "manly" or "bad ass", your just a stupid american that just likes these rubbish lazy muscle cars because they are from america and they sound so "good". they sound like crap and they are as well engineered as a piece of crap. they are like a product from walmart, very cheap, but for GOOD reason, they are built down to a price. if you drove say an audi, bmw, mercedes, volkswagon or something like that, then you would realize why they are so cheap, they are ugly, lazy, cheap, underegnieered, plasticy, rubbish. RUBBISH!!!!!!
  13. haha that is true NOT. they are way under engineered american cars which are crap to drive and terible quality. i hate to see so many in the u.s., the ford is making so much money on such terible cars.
  14. this car is a BIG FAIL

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