Piece of shit

Discussion in '1988 Italdesign Aztec Concept' started by mustangs4ever, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The only 2 good things that come out of Italy are Lamborginis and ferarris.......................................<!-- Signature -->
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    You're right. Ferrari and Lamborghini are the only good Italian car companies I know of. Bugatti is kind of a ripoff, Maserati got old, and Qvale is barely even famous.
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    wouldnt it be hard to make out in this car?
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    Are we forgetting the 33-2 Stradale, best Alfa ever?
    But yeah, for production cars, you are right. Oh, and I think it would be IMPOSSIBLE...
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    this car is not a peice of shit i bet u your car is shit

    r dog
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    alright this is the bomb but 2 weird to drive!!! left or right? where's the driver both sides can change direction?
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    Just look at the Italdesign Nazca C2 for instance. Also an Italdesign concept. How in the world can that be crap? Are you out of your mind? Italy makes the worlds best looking cars. I think almost all Italian cars look sexy. Yes, even the Fiat Panda.
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    i agree this does look like a piece of shit
    wen i drive nice cars people turn there heads
    if i were 2 drive this they would turn there heads cause of how bad it looks not how good
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    This car is shit but it doesn't mean Italdesign is. Italdesign came from Italy and it is the opposite of shit.
  12. The Fiat Panda is disgusting! But other Fiats are all nice. And Alfa Romeos rock hard!

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