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Discussion in '2000 Ferrari Rossa' started by m3tt, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Pininfarina has some mediocre designs, and some fantastic ones. This is incredible. If i was the S.O.B. i would have one of these babys custom built for me.
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    i wish i had one of these too. i don't know why people say it looks bad...maybe they just have bad aste in cars....oh well....<!-- Signature -->
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    They say that because its different, and because 99% of people who post on this site dont know anything.
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    i can agree w/ that. whether you like it or not, at lest respect the design. personally i love it.
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    I like it too Pininfarina does do some mediocre concept designs but few or none of the weird ones make it to production. When it comes to Ferrari, you know they won't approve the design unless it is very beautiful. Just take a look at all of their cars of the 90's!!! Wow!!!
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    That's a bit harsh, I think more like 60%, but this 60% makes up a lot of the annoying, uneducated posts and therefore get noticed more than they deserve =)

    Also, I LOVE the design of this car... so aggressive yet serene... and are those wings reminiscent of the 50's Testa Rossa?

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    It looks good other than the headlights. They should be bigger or something
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    So true. Lots dont. THIS is by far one of the best ones (if not the best). The newer Pininfarina ENJOY seems to be an updated version of the Rossa. If the headlights were TWO vertical "strips," (the inner being the shorter ones) it would look...well...smashing.
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    This is the certain direction car design has taken that I like.

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