Pink Floyd vs Led Zeppelin

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  2. I voted. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  3. Pink Floyd by a long shot. That doesn't necessarily mean Led Zeppelin is bad though; Led Zeppelin rule.
  4. That's the only post needed in this thread.
  5. to add to maserati, pink floyd's music is timeless. It could just as easily have been made in the 1990s as the 1970s. However, you can tell led zep belongs to that era.
  6. Both the greatest bands, but Led Zeppelin is definitely the more awesome of the two
  7. Led Zeppelin by far. Far. Dont get me wrong, some Pink floyd songs are ok.
  8. Zeppelin by a mile.
  9. Pink Floyd beats out Led Zeppelin.

    Floyd made the best album of all bands ever, had the better lyrics and the better guitarist.

    Zeppellin is great though, number 3 for me, with the Beatles at 2.
  10. I like your style!
  11. nobody vote, it's tied
    if you vote, vote Zeppelin
  12. Close to the Edge >> Dark Side of the Moon
  13. Led Zeppelin.
  14. SO wrong!
  15. Yeah, in opposite world.
  16. Nay. In fact. Close to the Edge >> Foxtrot >> Dark Side of the Moon
  17. Na, other way around.
  18. Voted Zepp, really amazing matchup, lol.
  19. I had to go with Pink Floyd.
  20. Not huge fan of either band, but I like Zeppelin way more just because of the clear blues roots and slight metal tinge.
  21. ^^^^

    on the whole there's a lot more other bands i'd rather listen too.
  22. Pink Floyd. Dave Gilmour is a legend.
  23. It's like deciding between a Classic Alfa Romeo or a Classic Lancia
  24. You've made me very very proud. I love you guys.

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