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    I own a 3rd gen Rx7 and you have no idea how fast those cars really are. If I raced someone that owns a stock viper and im in my stock Rx7, if they messed up - the slightest bit - its over, they lost. And if it was a auto cross race, the viper wouldnt stand a chance. the Rx7 handles way to good. Im not doging the viper. its a great car. but its not head and shoulders better than an Rx7. thats my only point
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    Get the #$%# out of here.No #$%#ing
    RX7 can beat a Viper period.You guys
    are just mad cause the cars is shit.
    The only Jap car I have respect for
    is the Skyline.These guys have never
    been in a Viper to compare it. You'll
    never see on Road and Track Viper
    v. RX7 it's just no contest.By the
    way i've raced all kinds of RX7's
    and they all lost and I drive a COBRA!
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    Final some1 that agrees with man thank u very much turbo man
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Turboman</i>
    <b>Get the #$%# out of here.No #$%#ing
    RX7 can beat a Viper period.You guys
    are just mad cause the cars is shit.
    The only Jap car I have respect for
    is the Skyline.These guys have never
    been in a Viper to compare it. You'll
    never see on Road and Track Viper
    v. RX7 it's just no contest.By the
    way i've raced all kinds of RX7's
    and they all lost and I drive a COBRA!
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    they need an age requirement on who can register to post

    how old are you?

    im guessing 13 - when your 13 it's always "vipers rule and everything else sucks" or msutangs.. or corvettes.. or something, just pure ignorance.

    come back and post when your old enough to drive
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Dodge Viper GTSR Concept 2000</i>
    <b>Ur all as dumb as each other im saying that the RX-7 is cheap and i was not commenting on teh cost of the dodge, but yes i agree that the dodge is an over priced car but shit i dont see and mazda PEICE of SHIT on the 0-60 board thats coz its shit oh gee look at car #3 its a Dodge thats rite u stupid fools a dodge yeah Dodge is a fast car while mazda on the other hand sux
    and as for the 12yr old comments and not being able to drive find out how old u have to be in Australia to drive then get back to me
    U porno freaks</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    that dodge is a $220,000 hennessey, now your comparing a $35,000 car to a six-figure car.

    god shut up, you don't know dick and everyone knows it

    and since your talking modified cars (hennessey is a tuner), there are modified RX-7's that run 9's in the 1/4. the hennessey runs mid-high 10's.
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    the RX7 couldn't do a 1/4 mile in 9 if it was shot out of a cannon all mazadas are shit
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    All you "Mazda Lovers" you seriously need to find a new car, cuz first of all... there is no way they can hang with Turbomans Cobra, My Trans Am WS7, or even a Viper for that matter, and A New RX-7 Cost somewhere around $35,000 my WS7 was close to that, and the Cobra was somewhere in there as well, and we can still blow the doors off of any fukkin RX-7 you wanna put up there, JESUS. And My car isnt stock. I have invested about $7,500 into it. So you put your $7,500 into your RX-7 and we will see who the fukk is better. I bet, (and anyone with at least half a brain) would put their money on me.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Turboman</i>
    <b>You peice of shit Mustangs are
    best sellers you find them in
    every place you go.But, how many
    are Cobras. Hey if you do all of
    that a Viper still would smoke it's
    ass stock or modded up, face it guys
    this car is a "piza shit".</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    As far as I can remember, this forum was comparing the RX-7 to a Viper. Dick<!-- Signature -->
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    Ok first of all, as far as 1/4 miles go the Viper has a clear advantage when it comes to power to weight ratio. The stock Viper pulls about 7.5 lbs. per horse where-as a stock Rx-7 is pulling around 10.5 lbs per. So assuming the driving/driver conditions are the exact same than the viper will clearly win. But as all of you should know, if you are involved in a forum like this, that racing is not ONLY the car doing all the work. Only a jack-ass would not realize that the driver is the major player. I bet if you were to get any of these jack-ass kids, that probably cant operate a clutch, in a henessy viper, and me in a stock Rx-7 I would probably smoke the dumb-ass kid because he doesnt know the first thing to do. But not to digress, I am an avid lover of the Rx-7 because it has one of the most technologically advanced engine systems ever created. It has a higher potential for horse power and if the 13B-REW wont get you to your 600+ horse power than the 20B will. So for all you jack-asses that dont research anything before you start running your mouths I suggest you do a little reading before you start blowing smoke on a forum. And also when it comes to autoxing if you get any viper owner into a race he will know the outcome after the first corner. And another thing, not only are Rx-7s known for having great handling abilities, Vipers are known for having some of the worst handling of any "supercar".
    So for all you piston-kids out there, you keep pumping away blindly, but its going to be the orbital motion that hits that g-spot.
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    This one goes out to all you Viper fans out there... you guys are awesome... hah! not! Yes yes yes, I have to admit, when I was 13, the Viper was my favorite car too. It's nice curves and those 'go faster' racing stripes... MMMmmmMMMM! And the front air dam to go with it all!!! Now I look at it and all I can think is... gee... American made... not much power for a #$%#in 10 cylinder... 80 grand? sheesh... a true dissapointment... Then I look at the third generation RX7 FD3S Twin Turbo and I say excellent! A Dual rotor monster with superior handling and a twin turbo to go with it all! Now all I got to do is swap the twin turbo for a massive single T78, do a little bit to the motor such as some new rotor seals, new internals to handle my excellent 30 psi of boost pressure and buy a 5 point seatbelt, and wow, I just kicked a V10 in the ass! So well you 13 year old Viper fans and/or stupid morons who don't know shit about cars and only know the viper is the 'coolest car in the world' because it looks awesome with the 'go faster' stripes and the 10 cylinder engine, keep buying your Dodge Viper folders for school cause the people who really know what an automobile is are gonna be doing OUR thing, so keep up with the Dodge Viper clubs in the treehouse, your not worth my time.
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    Damn i wish people would learn how to read,
    RX-7 vs Viper
    not a snowballs chance in hell will the RX-7 win <!-- Signature -->
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    Just accept that the RX-7 CAN beat an Viper.
    It may not beat it all the time but it still has a chance.
    Ever see one in action? They can be extremely quick if given the
    right driver.<!-- Signature -->
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    considering a rx-7's horsepower per liter of 195.03 and a viper's of 60.24 this can be said about these 2 cars~~~~ if the mazda had the same 8.3 liter capacity of a viper, then it would have about 1220 horsepower, plus the huge handling advantages. in other words the viper would get spanked like a little toddler.

    oh and by the way don't go gorilla-shit on me because i proved your precious viper can be beaten
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    Goddamn it, Dodge Viper GTS whatever the hell your name is, so what if a stock Viper is faster? It's double the freakin' price!!!

    I am getting really sick of saying this, but,

    My Yamaha R6 does a 2.8 sec. 0-60, and will smoke your Viper, if you had one. Not to mention, it probably even smokes the most highly modified Viper in the world (though maybe not 1 with slicks).

    What do you say to that monkeyboy? I mean, uh, Viper GTSR 2000, whatever.
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    the rx7 is a piz of shit! ha ha ha...a stock viper is about 440 HP stock and an rx7 is 260-279 depending on which one u get. It's pretty obvious that dodge is run by a bunch of people who grew up on farms and get hard-ons whenever they hear the revving of a 5.0 gas guzzling V8. Their motto seems to be, if it's nice in a truck, let's stick it in a car. In the event that you do woop an Rx-7...look at the sky, it's probably going to be turning red pretty soon cuz that just can't happen.

    Pound for pound the rX7 is the BEST car ever, as long as its got a rotary engine inside of it, it's disrespect to even compare it with any piston crunching piece of crap. Rotary forever, Heil Mazda fer schnikit!
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    whats up, viper, cobra, turbo, and #%$ friends. i'd just like to say you are some of the dumbest mother#$%#ers i've ever seen post on any forum. i own a 1993 RX7. my dad has a viper along with a Z06 vette. he is into the whole american car scene. of course a V10 viper will be able to be a 1.3L mazda in a straight line. but when my dad does track events, guess whos car he takes, yea thats right you little bitches. my "piza shit mazda" that totally shits all over any #$%#in mustang, corvette, or viper on the track. yea thats right you #$%#in pussys.
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    You are a dumbass indi guy,can't beleive I came hear
    I really like the RX7 on that other one I was just
    #$%#ing with you people and you ate it up. Now to the
    guy who said that his dad has a Viper and Z06 and takes
    a 93 RX7 to the track, yeah right you are a little punk
    who plays gran turismo and thinks the Viper sucks. But
    never drove a Viper to know that it handles great anybody
    who drove one would tell you the Z06 does it good also
    so that is a bullshit story.
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    you live in australia and you think you know about RX7s. do you remember the 92-95 James Hardie 12hr endurance races for production cars? you probably don't remember because the crappy viper chewed its tyres out every year and did not finish in a memorable position in any of the races. quick for a quarter mile and quick for 12 hours around eastern creek raceway is two different things. the RX7 wasted every challenger including BMW M3 and later M3R, porsche 993 turbos, ferrari 355 and dodge viper was not even commented on because it was lapped so many times by tne rotor. when Mazda Australia released the RX7 SP specially designed to keep the enduro crown they won again, that is serious viper kicking.
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    The Hennessy Viper is a viper that cost around something like $70,000. Am I right? And the 800TT kit is a $55,00 kit from hennessy.
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    Viper this, RX7 that. OK let's clear shiet up.
    A Viper whoops ass in the straight line game.
    An RX7 kicks in the touring game... and the drifting game... and the style game... and the I get hot women game... hehe, oops, looks like the RX7 got a little better in the end. <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">oO(Bling Bling)

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    RX-7's are the shit. I have one that has 722 bhp. Can your viper do that? I didn't think so. By the way Cobra's are the ugliest cars i have ever seen in my life plus they are slow. When you guys have the oppurtunity to drive this outstanding car let me know. Now when you guys making fun of RX 7's think your cars can beat mine come talk to me...Thanks alot to the people that like RX 7's!!!
  22. RX7 vs. Viper

    RX7 0-60 - 4.9
    Viper - low fours, or possibly even high threes

    And, the Viper, might even beat the RX7 in the twisties, true the RX might have faster steering, and even better brakes, also it mite. be lighter, but acceleration helps in corners 2, b.c U can carry a Higher entry and exit spd.
    That's part of the reason bikes beat cars, because of their prodigious acceleration - everywhere, even if the car can "handle" or corner better, the bike will still whoop it's ass everywhere.

    Mind you, I would never buy a Viper even if I had the money: the only American musclecars I would buy are the "true" musclecars, those from the late 60s to '73.

    And plus, the new Viper I think doesn't look as "badass" as the original did.

    <!-- Signature -->
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    RX-7's are the best..........<!-- Signature -->
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    If you think that the Mazda RX-7 is a piece of shit, you are dumber than anyone could imagine. Let me remind you that your little Viper would literally get whooped by an RX-7. Of course the Viper has all that power but it has all that car as well. The RX-7 has a great engine, along with the kick of two turbos, and a very agile and light body. These cars would run right next to eachother stock in a dragrace. A Viper has the shittiest handling you could imagine so the RX-7 would take it in a course. And lets not forget that you are payin $60,000-$120,000 for you Viper and you can buy a 1993 RX-7 for around $13,000. Can you say price comparison? And also, the RX-7 has been well known for their quality, nobody has problems with them unless they beat the hell out of the car. But any car would have problems when you have an idiot for a driver. So this car is obviously not a piece of shit. You are just dumb cause you think your Viper, which i am sure you don't even have, is the best thing in the world and everything else is just trash to you. Wake up and use your head, the RX-7 is a great car, just face it! And for god's sake, why do you say "piza shit?" Are you dumb in that way as well? Maybe you shouldn't be posting topics anymore....
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    What other car can you put $10,000 in and be done with? A RX7. With that much $ you could have a 800hp monster on hand. Plus the rotary engine is a very unique thing that all should experience. Once you go wankel you don't go back. <!-- Signature -->

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