Plane crash nearby

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    apparently a small continental flight, saying 20-30 onboard, (just heard it might have just been crew, hopefully) hit a house, only one person supposedly inside. its a town over, if it were closer I'd go check it out. Shitty weather, freezing rain (it is buffalo). I know a few people who live on that street. not well, but I have a few classes with them. hope theyre ok, and if they are, have good stories.

    Harry Scull / Buffalo News

    Updated: 02/12/09 11:43 PM
    Plane crashes into Clarence Center home

    An aircraft identified by Erie County Executive Chris Collins as a Continental Airlines flight crashed into a house in Clarence Center shortly after 10 o'clock tonight, starting a fire that poured thick smoke throughout the hamlet.

    Collins said that there were 50 people aboard the plane and crew members had reported mechanical problems as they approached Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Several injured people were taken from the scene to Erie County Medical Center for treatment.

    Television reports said the crash site was 6050 Long St., not far from the Clarence Center Fire Hall on Clarence Center Road. Police said that one man was in the residence at the time of the crash.
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  3. the trippy thing was that a video was up on youtube like less than 1 hour after the crash. same with the last air tower communication
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  6. Man the videos clearly shows jewrayz impacting the aircraft, there is no way an aircraft could destroy a full sized house you could tell it was a controlled demolition!
  7. On the news there was this eye witness, some lad in his late teens, early twenties, that told the press it happened roughly "a quarter mile" from where he was at that time.

    I was like onlyinamerica.
  8. Half a kilometer for metric#%$s?
  9. 402.something meters iirc
  10. fun should last for more than 402.2 meters
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