Please help me to identify this car

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Vincent, May 9, 2010.

  1. Im pretty sure that is the bow section of the Titanic, it was a ship that James Cameron sank to make a movie about like 100 years ago. Those photos are from the bottom of the ocean.
  2. hilarious
  3. hes SO GOOD
    god i just
  4. I dunno, looks late 70's and well treated to me
  6. like #$%#ing

    yeah i !
  7. Obviously run in
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  9. Accident
  10. It is neither. It is most definitely a CJ. Czech the rear fender/wheel opening shape. Additionally, the only Wrangler with the marker lights on the side of the front fender like that was the YJ, and that grille is NOT from a YJ.
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  12. CJ-5, that looks like a pretty short wheelbase to me.
  13. He scared him off.
  14. Its a Seven.. see the sharp point where the door opening meets the canopy? Fives do not have that, its filleted/curved (very noticeably). CJ-5s are older and IMO a little better looking.

    CJ-7s actually, in terms of body, are more related to the Wrangler YJs ('Yuppie Jeeps'). Some panels are interchangeable with a few changes, including front clip (a good mod to any YJ is to put the round head lighted, seven slot grill front clip from a CJ on it, and make it non-ugly).
  15. it's a Troller:
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    canyonero. to not be a typical jackass id have to guess some sort of toyota though. heres a canyonero commercial if your not familiar:


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