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  1. I am very dissapointed that they are
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    -------Sorry, the computer froze on me....what site did you see that they had the camaro? mom was very dissapointed in the fact that they were discontinuing it since she has a 2000 Z-28 w/ aftermarket RKSport supercharger. the car puts out 400 hp on the dot. she is very interested in how they are going to look please inform em with the new camaro thank you
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    sweet man an rksport supercharger with 400hp dam thats good on a 2000 camaro z28. my ss is 589.6rwhp with a single 7psi(boost pressure) paxton supercharger and few other mods. looking for traction bars and 3.73 axle gear.
    my ss looks similar to this with out parachute:

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