Please just let this ugly car die

Discussion in '2008 Hamann Volcano' started by lt4, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. I dunno, I think it looks pretty cool in a "woah thats a crazy looking car" way
  2. This particular one is pretty ugly.
  3. i think your pretty ugly. this car is beautiful it reminds me of the hotwheels cars i use to play with when i was a kid.
  4. How can you say this car is ugly? I think its fantastic what Hamann has done with this car. The SLR, to me, for some reason just came across as bland, especially if you're gonna spend around half a million bucks on it, it better be somewhat flashy. I think that if you put a different color on it, we would all be in a similar state of mind. This car was meant to be austantatious, and it achieved its goal. I would most certainly turn my head towards it in awe if I saw it going down the highway.
  5. I wonder what created this topic.... To be honest... I can't say who. Anyway, I prefer the 722, but this is nice....(Although I'm getting bored of this cars that looks like the original. Like a Mercedes, but called a Hamman, BMW but also called a Hamman or even Nissan but called a Nismo. I like original and standard Supercars made by their own respected brand. Because thats the only way you can see who makes the fastest car.)
    But yes I like the car...

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