please let this come with a 6speed/manual

Discussion in '2006 Dodge Challenger Concept' started by ryn04, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. As long as it purrs about the road, I don't care.

    I think this will get built, there is a large market for it. If they get the price right.
  2. if you look at the pic of the close up of the gauges in the steering colum it has a quater mile gauge that says it has 6th gear so id say yah six gears in one of the models for sure
  3. Nicely spotted.
  4. And the new pictures show that it is clearly a stick shift.
  5. yaahoooooooooo
  6. I found out that this doesn't have a manual. It's got a 6-speed automatic with a pistol-grip shift.
  7. the only article that I read that said a 6 speed auto was car and driver, everyone else(including says it's a six speed manual
  8. sorry, "road and track" said an auto, car and driver still say a manual, but most mags are still saying 6 speed manual
  9. that looks awsome but 550 hp and 6 speed manual please. using 32v makes this power
  10. yea it comes w/ a 6 speed and a hemi w/ over 500 hp so this car is gonna bi sick
  11. i sold my 03 cobra just to get a down payment for one. now my entire garage (3 cars including the new challenger) will be dodge!!!

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