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  1. Please stop saying that the sledgehammer Corvette is faster than this car by 2mph. The two cars shouldn't even be compared. They have nothing in common. JUST SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT THE CORVETTE, IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT!

    Piece of shit, that must be the name of this car, insteadof sledgehammer. Or may I say "Sledgecrapper"?

    I could not agree more!

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    are you all blind, this car is a ugly as shit, im not going to say that the sledgehammer corvette is better because it is faster although i have heard that lingenfelter have souped up a VAUXHALL NOVA GTE, a lot of you may not have heard of this car (because i hadnt) because they only sell in a few countries but a friend of mine freddie smith has informed me of this project that they finished in 1995 an was not publicised much, but the NOVA had an output of 700 horse power and weighed around 720kg, they got 258.7mph, ive also heard that they got a 9 second 1/4 and 0-60 took 2.4 seconds. i havent seen this car and have never heard of it but i bet its very nice, and it has been tuned by an american company so as i say, US cars rules.


    I care about souped up Corvettes, but there's no way I would compare any souped-up anything to this fine piece of engineering.

    I think you need to calm down before you blow a gasket. Wow. Take a deep breath... relax... You just can't change how some people feel about some cars.

    Name whats ugly about it.

    IMO this car looks ugly because it for a start looks like the bodies of two cars have been taken and randomly attached to a chassis, not only that but the two cars used look like thy are both different colours............its awful.

    Ok, sorry for my outburst of anger. I really like Corvettes, and I think tuned Corvettes have amazing performance, but it just doesn't seem right to compare corvettes with the allmighty Bugatti 16/4 Veyron, nomatter how fast they are. Corvettes are awsome, though.
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    Yeah but thats just your opinion and you represent a minority of people.
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    So basically, the fact that this car is so ugly is based soley upon the paint job???
    If you want to see an ugly car, look at the Ferrari Enzo; now that's one ugly piece of amazingly-fast-supercar.

    This car looks like it is something completely amazing, and it truely is, I'm sure for a few bucks you could get the kameleon paint job and make this thing look like the classiest car on the planet (And by a few bucks, I mean like 5 grand) but it's merely a concept right now and they are all about sticking out of the crowd.
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    Hey Galucci,
    You should read what the stronsi have been writing in the actual Sledgehammer forums. It's so stupid how they will blindly follow any American company regardless of how inferior it may be. The Bugatti is set for production...the sledgehammer was made for a track run and hidden in a museum. It's not a's a prototype!
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    Yep. Hopefully comming out next year.
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    No I mean the Sledgehammer is no more than a prototype.
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    I can see this car going straight to a museum soon. I doubt it will win anything or see anyone even driving it more than say 500 miles tops. Why waste time building something if only to be kept inside? Only rich snobs buy this crap, and thats the whole point. Probably gets 10mpg or less. And if you get into a car accident, its over! By the way, why do you people like this car? The design is ugly, the front looks like an old geezer caddy, rear like some retro 60s vette ripoff. So its fast but thats cause of 4 turbos, take those away and you have a lambo. Im not impressed by this car, you can make something faster for 1/10th the price. This is just flashy garbage for the rich.
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    i completely agree about the enzo ugly as crap
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    if you read my post carefully then you will see that i say that the BODIES of two cars not just with different paint jobs but different bodies, just have a look at the side of it, the black part looks like its off a sports car and the red part off a family car like a neon or something.
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    Yes the corvette is a supercar, at least in my books. There's hardly a car in existance that offers such performance in its price range. It also has a great history. So what keeps it from being a supercar? to most people, just the name Chevy is enough. Others might say it's not prestigious enough, or some other nonsense.

    Glad to see you "know" the Bugatti is better. For the rest of us not so quick to just jump on the Veyron fanclub wagon, I'll wait until some solid numbers exist before making a judgement.

    (BTW I hate tuner vettes being compared to things as much as anyone else)
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    The Bugatti 16/4 is actually salted for production in late 2003. In fact on August 09, 2002 Bugatti actaully started its 100K+ KM endurance trials in Ehra-Lessian. The vehicle tested is the running prototype of what is to be the exact vehicle that will hit the 60 unit/year production line (i.e 1001 hp and 1250 Nm of torque). This is not going to be a one hit wonder like the sledgehammer. This is going to be a roadworthy "production" car. Can you further elaborate on why this vehicle is "garbage", as even those that aren't impressed with this vehicle seem reluctant to call it that. Flashy, yes it is that as well. Would you rather they had tried to cram this kind of performance into a Ford Taurus! As for the price, no doubt that it will be very expensive, but even Bugatti has yet to disclose the final cost on the vehicle. Remember, even the first Vipers were slated to cost 120K + up until just before their release. Until it is official let's not finger a price just yet. Let us not belay the fact the price is totally man's junk is anothers jewels. I would be so bold as to bet that Bugatti would have no problem filling orders even with the 800K price tag currently referenced. As to whether or not you are impressed with this car is purely your opinion. So what if it has 4 turbos, it still is an amazing piece of engineering and I doubt few would be so inclined to at least disagree with that. Someone with even a modicum of an open mind would at least recognize that this is a fantastic car...So what if it gets poor gas's not a hyundai, its a SUPERCAR. I don't see a category for gas mileage on the homepage, do you?!?!? "Why do you people like this car?"....How could you not at least like SOME aspect of this car? I think that is a more relevant question. I was reluctant to embrace this as the possible king of supercars (over the McClaren), but even I have to give this car its proper accolades. Sorry this was so long, but I feel that the prior post merits it.
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    Yeah i was taliking about the Veyron.
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    The price hasnt even been figured out yet.
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    Any Corvette looks like shit compared to this beautiful masterpiece.
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    Just a quick side note. Vauxhall is a UK company specializing in the manufacturing of small sedans and minivans (e.g. Ford Focus) with engine sizes that vary in the small to medium 4-cylinder range. To the best of mine and others best search efforts, including an expansive search through the Lingenfelter repertoire, there was no mention of this project ever gracing Lingenfelters' design pad. I'm also sure that this site would not have failed to overlook a project car of this stature; even more so, one that Lingenfelter had produced. By the way, please feel free to visit the Vauxhall UK web page for a good look at these dogs! There is very little to be said about their looks...well, ok, almost nothing to be said for their looks! The car you mentioned never seemed to have existed.
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    Lingenfelter Nova, hahaha, HAHAHAHA, LMFAO....oh my sides have split (ouch)

    i never thought the Geo Metro vs Veyron comparison would ever be toppled as the most stupid thing ive ever heard...but there it is, a Lingenfelter Nova
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    Remember that the Sledgehammer was a modified car; this is not. It took everything they could squeeze out of the Vette to make it as fast as it was. This is a STOCK 'prototype' that goes 252 by their claims. Just imagine what you could do if someone were to 'even out' the comarison by modifying the Bugatti? The Vette would die. Think about and confirm what you are going to say before you say it. If you do then you will live a long and happy life.

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