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    If this car can out handle and out do a C5-R on a race track then it is not street legal. I bet it could beat an Audi R8 too. I also heard that because of this car, Ferrari is pulling out of F1 because they have absolutly no chance. I mean if a car has a high top end than it can beat anything because what it loses in the turns it will make up in the short straight aways. I'v also heard that they have to suspend all the WRC races because this car was entered and the other cars didn't have a chance.

    Think before you respond.

    WTF??? The only part that made sense whatsoever was the Part about it not being street legal, and that part is fairly stupid, I mean there are lots of street legal cars that will outperform racing modified cars. As for the C5-R, the MF1 which is street legal will outperform the C5-R, so why the hell shouldn't the Veyron.

    As for the WRC, WTF r u talking about? not sure which car you're talking about, but either way that was a retarded thing to say as first off both cars pre-modified are.....wait, nevermind I just realized you were making a poor attempt at being sarcastic, ummm this car wouldn't handle as well as the R8, but it's probably faster so I dunno.

    Perhaps you should practice what you preach, as a lot of stock cars will outperform racing modified cars, and you should know that.

    CarrerraGTRacer, people like you disgust me, chances are good you haven't been weaned from your mother's teet yet. First off I didn't know what the top speed is and frankly I couldn't really give a rat's @$$ because it wouldn't reach that top speed on the track anyway. Second, as a "racer" you should know that top speed doesn't matter, you should also know that when Bugatti pulls out all stops and puts alot of effort into designing a really good car they generally come out with something phenomenal, based on that and the amount of R&D they've put into it I think it's very possible that this could outperform a GTS class race car, that has mediocre handling.

    Unlike people like you, I don't make the end all statement like "The Sledgehammer is the best performance car ever!!!!!", I know where different cars strengths and weaknesses lie.

    Actually the C5-R is a race car. Which means it uses a lot of things like a front air dam, rear diffuser and an extensivly tested body shape to maximize downforce. It is also practicly sitting on the ground, which the Veyron can't do. It would not be able to drive on the street otherwise. This gives the C5-R a HUGE advantage when it comes to handling and entering/exiting speeds of corners. There is no way for the Veyron to duplicate this and still drive on the street. This gives the Vette a huge advantage. Also, the vette is custom geared to suit the track to maximize acceleration, while having a enough top end for the straights. Again, the Veyron runs its regular gearbox. It probably has low gear ratios in order for it to reach top end which is not good on the track. I could see the Veyron rockin in an oval course. Though that it personally not my favourite choice of venue.

    In case you didn't notice, I already acknowledged that the C5-R is a race car, and as I said, the MF1 outperforms it, so why the hell wouldn't the Veyron? you should probably read my post again, as you seem to have misunderstood most of what I said.

    Oh, and it's STILL snowing outside my window <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I think you haven't got it yet. Since the C5-R is a LM Racecar(It won the 24 hours of LeMans, so I doubt it's bad), and the Veyron is a world-class supercar, with awesome capabilities both speed and handling. In first place, they will never get close each other on a street or whatever, and second, their objectives are different, so, why do we continue to put them into perspective one versus the other?


    Because me and 'Password please ' are both stubborn people and we always see to argue.

    i have to agree with the new name

    I agree with the other two posts above, conflicted about yours though, I'm sure there's some point at which they'll be informally raced.

    Oh my god, I could just insult the Sledgehammer and get karma, why didnt you tell me?
  10. Re: PLEASE STOP.

    Why do you hate the Sledgehammer. Its one thing to hate the people who use it to compare to evrything when it is a one-off purpose built to end car. However, to insult a car just because it is fast seems to be kind of stupid. Why would you come to a forum about 'supercars' only to make fun of them for being fast?
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    WHat do you mean? He just made a really good point so i gave him Karma.
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    Hahaha! I do!
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    I have an idea:
    How about we all stop talking about the stupid Sledgehammer!
    I mean, who here actually likes the way it looks? It's an 80s Corvette for God's sake!!!
    Much rather look at a Veyron.
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    Here's an thought: how about you shouldn't have created a topic about it then. What did you think was going to happen?

    And what's wrong with 80s corvettes? Better looking than the F50 (looks like a cartoon) or the Enzo IMO. Oh wait... you forgot are all opinion.
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    You really dont know much about style do you? 80s corvette looks better than an F50? Pfft!!
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    well we better leave khari to himself, after all its all a metter of opinion now someone read that someone thinks that ferraris are ugly just answer this
    if someone took you to a showroom and showed you an:
    1. SL55 AMG
    2. ferrari 360 Mondena
    3. 2003 corvette
    and told u to pick one car ?
    which one would u pick and y?
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    Looks like Galluci wasn't the only one to confuse opinion with fact. I happen to think the F50 looks straight out of an episode of looney toons, you don't like it, then go cry elsewhere.

    If those 3 cars were offered to me, I'd take the Modena, albeit it's not the best looking car around.

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    Have a cry!
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    You couldnt be further from the truth. The fact is not only is the vette a super car but it was name king of the road for a reason. You should really take a look at some solid information b4 going off about what a car isn't because your ignorance can really sell you short. U.S. CARS rule the road and do keep in mind majority of imports are U.S cars with differnt labels. Same game differnt name.
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    Obviously the vette. There is so much potential. Even stock it is aforce to be reconed with. How can you beat that styling? How can you beat the LS1?
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    WTF??? the only Imports that are even connected to U.S. manufacturers are either companies that were bought out for their technology (i.e. Ford owning Mazda) and there's not one Mazda that's even slightly designed by Ford, however the Focus is based on the Protege.

    Then there are the North American versions of Imports, i.e. Acura, and for every Acura the same model is available as a Honda (elsewhere) only a higher performance version is available.

    Perhaps YOU should look at some solid information, b4 going off about what a car isn't.

    And there's a reason the NSX was named the "Ultimate Driver's Car" but who gives a shit? I like it not because of that, but because it can have it's way with cars in the same class with the right driver behind the wheel.
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    Nova's are a popular modding car here in the UK because they are so cheap and there are a lot of nice body kits. The chassis will self-destruct at about 170mph, so 250+ is just nonsense
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    The nova is a popular modding car here, because its very cheap and there are a lot of cool bodykit for it. A nova chassis will self distruct at about 170mph, it just cant take the forces. It was designed to be an 80mph POS afterall.
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    Who named the NSX the 'Ultimate Driver's Car'?
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    A lot of magazines have called Mclaren the ultimate driver's car (for obvious reasons). Which car is the best driver's car is as much about opinion as looks are.

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