PLS take off the lipstick

Discussion in '2005 Aston Martin DBR9' started by drysump, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. makes it look like clown car ugh
    otherwise nice job

  2. Clearly, you know nothing of Aston's history. You, not the DBR9, are the clown.
  3. dont be such a fanboy
    it still doesnt take away from the fact that the highlights look
    ridiculous but hey thats my opinion
  4. Just wait until the 2nd team car comes out with a red or blue ring like it should.

    Having anything BUT the yellow ring would be rather dumb when it comes to Aston Martin.
  5. Comparing cars to people is retarded.
  6. Screw that! It's a race car, so who the f**k cares?
  7. burn.
  8. well said. i like the way how their trying to "revive" the old days...
  9. lipstick= dumb
  10. Lipstick is where its at. Its just asking me to give it a kiss and if possible, drive it home when nobody is watching.
  11. Haha, no way, I love it

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