Plug in hybrid Super Duty for 2013

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    Although technical details are not yet fully available, today Ford Motor Company and Azure Dynamics, partners in vehicle electrification (Focus Electric and Transit Connect Electric, to name a few), have announced a partnership that will see the delivery of special plug-in hybrid Super Duty trucks beginning in 2013.

    The deal calls for Ford to provide Azure Dynamics with special Super Duty trucks that will then be retrofitted with proprietary plug-in hybrid technology, first on the F-550 in early 2013, and later on other Super Duty platforms such as the F-350 and F-450.

    Conversions will cover all engine, frame length and regular production options – giving an extremely high degree of flexibility for consumers. Yes, that means both diesel and gas engine options will be mated to a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

    However, Juris Pagrabs, vice president of investor relations at Azure Dynamics, explained to Leftlane that the development is going to focus on the gasoline engines first, diesels second – citing past experience with gas-electric vehicle development. In terms of expected gains, Pagrabs couldn’t give exact figures but did suggest up to 60 percent fuel economy gains.

    Once retrofitted, Azure Dynamics will then have direct access to Ford’s traditional vehicle distribution network, shipping trucks to normal Ford dealer lots nationwide. The vehicles will be sold by Ford dealer personnel and serviced at Ford dealerships.

    Fleet first, consumers second
    Pagrabs also explained that this technology is being developed largely with fleet operators in mind, which is why the F-550 platform will be targeted first due to its segment-leading take rate and market share. Furthermore, the VP explained that fleets typically recoup costs associated with hybrid premiums much sooner, in the realm of three years, compared to consumers.

    The other benefit for fleets is that they can better plan their expected routes and adjust the battery size accordingly when ordering from Azure Dynamic – helping to reduce costs.

    Neither Ford or Azure Dynamics have provided power or specific fuel economy figures at this time, but Leftlane will be sure to track the development of these trucks and pass the information on to you as it becomes available.
  2. From someone that actually tows stuff every so often, this is the worst idea ever.

    Diesel ftw
  3. What?
  4. Shit yeah, bring on the diesel hybrids, about bloody time.
  5. Seriously, who wants even more instantaneous torque when you're towing stuff. Not this guy!
  6. that is going to be a big heavy hybrid system that costs a lot of money.
  7. how does a locomotive tow things then, why don't you go lay on the tracks and find out
  8. buys hybrid
    chips it
    pours out blac smoke
    *hell ya*
  9. lol

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