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  1. Have fun with this one. I know that all of the Honda lovers and Subaru drivers out there hate this car, I mean I would too, if I owned a pocket rocket. This car would kick the shit out of any factory modified Honda or Subaru or anything of the same fast and furious wannabe group. I guess it is nice that someone is doing something with those cars and not letting them pollute the junkyards, but I would rather the junkyards be polluted than our streets. Oh, and there is no substitution for cubic inches, not even nitrous.
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    Ok not everyone in the world drives a honda or a subaru. Yes there are people in this world that tune BMW's and no damn Gran Prix can run with alot of them icluding this out dated peice of tin
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    BMW is more outdated than Pontiac and much much slower with fewer horses. there is no replacement for displacement and no BMW can touch a pontiac for agility, acceleration, and overall speed. BMW is outdated as it gets other than Saab and most of the Volkswagen lines.<!-- Signature -->
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    No BMW can touch a Pontiac? Are you that stupid? Just look at the M5 or M3, they pretty much run neck and neck with Z28's and Trans Am's. Now if they can do that they can easily beat a car that has 0-60 times of probably around high 5-low 6 sec.<!-- Signature -->
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    It's fast for a Grand Prix but I mean come on it doesn't come close to the quality and overall styling of a BMW.
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    I think im going to cry. Pontiac is statistically crappy to BMW. M3 or M5 can overlap this pontiac at n'ring in a 20 lap race, maybe even twice. When you don't think about road cars but race cars, according to my memory, pontiac has not had 1 "REAL" race car.
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    Ok pontiac is cool. BMW is better. This is obvious. Those people over there make better autos than us people over here. Back to the point yeah the fastest this car can be is 0-60 in 6 seconds. Which is nice enough for me since my Mazda goes 0-60 in 11 seconds. My brother has a 2001 Grand Prix with a supercharger and glass-packs. It goes 0-60 in 6.7 seconds and has 245 hp. What do you guys think of the new style... I personally would rather have a 2001. It has a more intimidating stance in my opinion.
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    How stupid can you possilby be? IM not even gonna touch on the BMW thing cause ill get to pissed of at your ignorance. But i would love to see this thing beat a WRX and even if it could it would be darn close and the STI is comming over here soon and it would MURDED this thing in EVER way. ANd did you say a modified honda couldnt beat this, HA. I won't go there either.
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    i agree with you on the BWM thing because over all they make better cars. more of a luxury car than something like this that is a family car. a modified honda can beat this but if its ok to modify a honda than i guess its ok to modify this car to. it would eat the honda. same amount on mods (price wise) and the honda would get left in the dust
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    The same amount of mods and the Honda will get left in the dust, hmmmmm thats interesting. Considering this things already supercharged, what are you gonna do? Ummmm, i guess you could put a different pulley on the supercharger for more boost, but i pormise this car at its HP rating is already maxed out. So unless your gonna upgrade fuel pump, injectors, computer, and probably get stronger internals, like pistons and rodes, your just gonna blow it up. So to get much more power your probably looking about 6 grand, if your lucky. Now a Honda in this things class is gonna be the Acura 3.2CL Tpye S and has a Stock Hp ratings of 260 with a 6 speed manual tranny. Oh waite, its probably as fast as this thing stock. Now put only 3 grand into it with a turbo kit and bigger injectors with a VAFC. And youve got a car putting down well over 300 hp. Left in the dust, I dont think so.

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