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    seriously, the thing to do here would be to turbo the engine or at least give us a few more hp, THEN they can call it a performance package -- granted this thing does get 200 out of a 2.0, so you really cant complain there
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    don't forget about the damn type R comming out this year, no need for 220 hp because then no one buys the TYPE R, this car is going to be an introduction to the type R if u ask me its a good thing. The type R base model will look like a performance RSX-S. this car #$%#in ROCKS.<!-- Signature -->
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    right it would get in the way of marketing. waytofast4you makes the point pretty evident.

    in addition if the engine was turboed, it would be designed differently with stronger internals not the least.
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    Hahaha. Performance package? It is merely a body kit and a stupid wing with no upgrade to the engine. Some performance package.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Not much of a difference here. I mean, It looks different, but that looks like something I could do myself. I'm not knocking the look, though; it looks slick.<!-- Signature -->
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    It is basicly a track upgrade, w/ new brakes/rotors and a new suspension. This would snap through corners with much more ease than just the S. The RSX itself seems o be a bit slow in the 0-60 time. 6.9 seconds?! I had a camery V6 a few years ago, that had a 3.0V6 w/ 200hp, and that did 0-60 in 7.0 and that is a much heavier car and certianly not considered "sporty".
    6.9 is really disapointing in my view.
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    An upgrade to boost sales?
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    For the price of the performance package you can buy a turbo kit for the type S from cybernation, on stock internals you cna get 300horsepower at the tires. And the type R will never come out here with the 220hp K-series.
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    first: it's a body kit with suspension upgrades
    Second: it does need more power cause of the extra weight
    Third: Adding a engine upgrade package doesn't effect marketing in the US cause we don't get type-R models
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    What are you talking about? This didn't even gain any weight at all, It weights the same as the Type-S
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    eh? you really gottacatchup.
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    Pointless. Utterly pointless. Some of you guys actually thinks it looks nice? This "performance package" is just the regular RSX type S with a factory made body kit and what...better suspensions? Like it'll help. It doesn't do anything to the performance. It could add another 10 or so HP...

    Besides...all we do is take off the factory made and buy our own body kits...so it's a big waste of money. For the same price I can order a Carbon Creations body kit and a humongous wing. Maybe I'll have enough to buy a new exhaust system...
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    i hate the indies.

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