Pontiac G8 not a one and done

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by GT40 2, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Says GM.

    The Pontiac G8 is one of General Motors’ freshest faces – at least here in America – but recent rumors have suggested that the superb sports sedan won’t be around in another five years. Pontiac has apparently heard enough from the rumor mill, and has decided to step in to clear things up.

    According to the Pontiac Under Ground blog, GM’s performance brand has no intentions of killing off the G8. Moreover, plans for two more G8-variants – the G8 GXP and G8 ST – are still on, with the high-performance GXP model expected to hit the market by year’s end.

    Despite the claim that the G8 is here to stay, the Australian-born sedan could still be on life support. The previous rumor had the G8 running its current life cycle, with no replacement planned beyond 2013. With stricter emissions regulations set to kick in right about that time, the G8 could still be a one and done, even if new models are planned over the next year and a half.

    The G8’s future seems hazy, at best, right now, so it’s pretty difficult to know for sure what GM has planned for its performance sedan. However, GM has developed a Buick model based on the G8 with a 2.0L turbo four for the Chinese market, so it’s quite possible new powerplants could keep the G8 alive in the U.S.

  2. The problem with the VE is that its the best car Holden ever made and putting a replacement together thats just as good will probably be impossible.

    I don't even like Holdens and I can't think of a better brand new car for 45k AU
  3. I saw one at the mall for the first time the other day. It was one of those "god I wish I had 35k" moments.
  4. I think it's one of the best cars that "Pontiac" has put out lately and I like seeing them on the road, lets hope they don't get rid of it.
  5. The domestic model has a better front grille and bumper / diffuser, those intakes on the bonnet of the G8 look a bit gay.
  6. nah, pontiac looks less gay.
  7. Whew... as long as Pontiac says the G8 will stick around I believe them. Especially considering how well Pontiac itself is doing.
  8. It`s like the best product that GM is selling today in the US...
  9. They need to sell the wagons and MANUAL transmissions in the US too...

    I'm starting to see these everyday now, and they are sweeeeet!
  10. A wagon would be sweet, but it would sell like year-old milk.
  12. only AU$1000 more than the sedan here.
    So, like, a G8 GT wagon would only be about US$600 more than than the sedan.
    Or so you'd think anyway.
  13. It could be $6000 less and it still wouldn't sell.
  14. stupid ameri#$%#s
  15. lol, a 2.0L version for the Chinese market.
    its a heavy car, 2.0 will be glacial.
  16. Yeah, I saw one while I was working and stopped just to check it out. I really wish we had more Euro/Aussie cars. They're so much better.
  17. its sad, but it's true. Since the 'CUV' and 'SUV' craze is still on, there is very little chance of a sucessful wagon, maybe the magnum has added a bit interest, but obviously not a whole lot.

    Also, minivans are cheap as #$%#, they keep advertising the new Dodge caravan at 20 grand. Sure, its ugly beyond belief, but wow @ price.
  18. 0-60mph in 30 seconds? Probably.
  19. are you sure they dont offer a manual in the u.s.? im pretty sure they do here...
  20. We're getting manual. Wagon would be sweet. WTF, i'd rather hav a wagon than some gaycamino
  21. I hate Americans for not liking wagons.
  22. *for being Analericans
  24. WTF is this doing in american cars? stupid americans
  25. Americans are to fat to fit in wagons.

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