pontiac GTO

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Chevy, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. The car has a very nice looking stance. i really like that drift one!
  2. Thats the best thing that has come out of Australia, ever.
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    As far as I know its an LS1 block With LS2 internals but the LS7 heads (or somthing weird like that) that makes 575hp
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  5. wut about that one chick ? wtf was her name i can't remember it right nowish
  6. Kylie Minogue
  7. thats the snatch
  8. oh yeah obviously such shit. Those affordable, stylish, solid, fast, 2+2s are just shit.
  9. power's ok but the handling and top speed need work... maybe someone should make a tuned version
  10. Sorry to bump this thread from a while ago but I just saw the Ram air 6 concept again today (now called the woodward dream cruise) and have some major high res pics of it 6.1 mpx.
  11. Anyone know what LS2 GTO's are selling for nowadays?
  12. just north of $20,000
  13. I wish I had a little more money. I want a better car. Something somewhat respectfully fast, newish, and reliable.

    I need a better job.
  14. cavalier
  15. I think that's awesome.
  16. My coworker has an orange 6.0. Maybe I'll tell him to let me take it on a photoshoot. Too bad he's crazy though. If I could compare him in real life to someone on this board, he would be Chevy.
  17. doesn't is blind and can't put good concepts into production... and if they do, so watered down its not good anymore.
  18. Here here... I couldnt agree with you more. Case in point look at the PT cruiser concept, it was #%!@en! then they watered it down too much. GM when they had the SS concept back in 2003 I loved it but now it is the new monte carlo and looks like shite!!
  19. remember the Tiger Shark Corvette of like 2003? I saw that in person... and it had like 750 HP. yea, like now you can buy a kit to look exactly like it... but not the same...

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