POO on a stick!!

Discussion in '1926 Miller 91' started by Yeppi, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. YEP sure is poo on a stick!!<!-- Signature -->
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    i said it once, and ill say it again...."STOP MAKING CRAPPY SUV CONCEPTs!!!" they suck....seriously

    pooo on a stick...more like a box painted with pooo<!-- Signature -->
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    Whats the difference between this and a bucket of sh*t? The bucket.<!-- Signature -->
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    Hahahahahahahaha you guys right this is not only poo on a stick IT'S A SH*TLOAD!!!!!
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    the day future cars get like this i will shoot myself in the ass and in my right nut
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    do the genepool a favour and shoot your leftnut as well.

    Well, unlike some of you I don't know what "POO on a stick" looks like, but I imagine it doesn't look like this.

    It looks better than the "excursion", if there's any way I'd ever buy an SUV, I'd seriously consider this one, but alas, I despise the majority of SUV's (or shall I say GUV - you guys know what the "G" stands for)
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    This is hidious, and looks inredible stupid. it has no style or design, well it has design, but that is horrible also. this thing is a giant mini copper on wheels. i have no clue why designers are making this ugly suv concecpt. cant they stop the horror? this thing is just plain hidious.
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    This car defeats the purpose of having an SUV, that's torque. An inline 4 in an SUV? For all I know it's that Honda doesn't exactly make a lot of torque in their 4 cylinders. So even though this might have some horsepower the torque rating will be in -160 lbs/ft. Which is extremely nasty since SUVs run on torque. Honda should stick to sportcars and fuel effecient cars. Nice try but not good enough for todays standards.

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