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    Whatever. Lola cars are excellent racers.
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  4. this car's a piece of shit!

    this car looks ugly as hell! the only good thing about it is its probly fast but who gives a shit about that?! ide rather have a slow and bad ass lookin car then a fast piece of shit lookin car! who else agrees with my ass?!

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    Archangel To Focus On ALMS

    Road Atlanta, GA -- Archangel is “back on track” and will field a Lola B2K/40 with Millington 2.0litre turbocharged power in the second round of the American Le Mans Series at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, CA on May 19th.

    England’s young rising sportscar driver Ben Devlin will pilot the team’s effort, along with Sears Point instructor Dave McEntee. For Devlin and the team, Sears point marks the start of their ALMS campaign, with the full series planned, as well as selected Rolex Sports Car Series events – starting at the famed Watkins Glen.

    Devlin had five races in 2001 with Archangel, including a 2nd in class finish with the team at Petit Le Mans and two wins and two seconds in the Rolex series.

    Although the chassis is certainly familiar to all in sportscar racing, the Millington Diamond powerplant is new. It’s a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine delivering approximately 550bhp. The Marshall Cooke duo, James and Dennis, have worked hard over the winter developing the Millington engine to both fit the Lola chassis and perform within the 675 regulations. Under their guidance, the engineering work was carried out by the very experienced former Lotus engineer Gilbert Sills – at his race shop in England.

    The team is looking forward to debuting the new car at Sears Point, and while it would be unbelievable to win in its first time out, they are realistic enough to realize that a top 5 finish would make for a very successful debut.

    For Devlin, it was a logical choice to select Archangel following their success last year, and the way in which he settled into sportscar racing was due in large part to the team’s attitude and professionalism. Archangel has certainly shown that they know how to win with the Lola chassis.

    “I’m really looking forward to the new effort and renewing my partnership with the Archangel team,” says Devlin from his home in England. “It promises to be a very exciting year, starting with the new car’s debut in Sonoma, where I made my American racing debut in the Russell Series three years ago. My management team has been flat-out over the winter building the new car and we can’t wait to see it perform. Mike and the entire Archangel crew did a great job for me last season in both the Rolex and the ALMS – and were the smart choice again for this season. I’m really excited about racing in the ALMS and hopefully making a challenge for the LMP 675 title.”

    Joining the team’s new effort for the Sonoma event will be Dave McEntee – an instructor at the Jim Russell Racing School at Sears Point, and as such, has enormous experience at the circuit. As the track has experienced significant changes over the winter, McEntee hopes to use his home-track knowledge to gain an advantage. McEntee debuted in the ALMS last year in the GT class, racing a Porsche 911 GT3R and welcomes the opportunity to step up to the prototype class.

    “I believe one of the biggest advantages we will have at this event is our terrific combination,” says McEntee. “I met Ben when I was racing in the UK, and I know that he is quick and knows the car very well. Combine that with the top-quality effort that Archangel produces and my experience at this track – and I think we will be in very good shape to produce an excellent showing!”

    “This is great for us! Ben is an excellent driver and we have two years of experience with the B2K/40 – so the outlook is good,” says Team Owner Mike Johnson. “I visited Roy Millington’s shop over the winter, and if his professionalism has any reflection on his engines, we will have a strong combination. There are long-term goals with this engine, as we have designed a basic bolt-on kit to sell to other B2K/40 teams – so we need to go out and prove how well it works. Having the opportunity to bring McEntee on-board, with his unique day-to-day experience at the track, will go along way to hopefully generating a podium finish.

    http://www.theracesite.com/index.cfm?pagetype=2&form_article=3346 <!-- Signature -->
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    what kinda person would call themself yeppi? oh yeah, him.
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    Nobody likes you. You are in a world all by yourself cause you are a worthless pile of sheeiit! This Lola is worth more than your measily little life. You just hate quality racecars because you cannot afford them. Go back to your gay butt-love or a NASCAR website.

    You are only live because it is illegal to kill you.
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    I agree that you ARE an ass. Also the fact that this car is an LMP racer, and not a street car, built purely for function and to get around the track as fast as possible.
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    And what kind of moron always says Poo? Oh yeah, Yeppi does.
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    um, who calls them selves ZIPPY ?
    what a great name
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    just cause its faster than your POS viper,
    dont go crying about it
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    your ass is wrong.
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    lol.. i was thinking the same thing!
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    go away 'SAM!!!!!!'
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    thanks for that.
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    At least Zippi seems to have some sense. Yeppi is just an ass-farmer who doesn't know enough about ANY car to make an informative post. He should be banned.
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    Who are you talking to? Are you impying what I said was stupid??? How?
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    he is banned. yay!
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    ur ass is gay. thats why nobody would ever agree with it. this is a racecar, not made to look good.
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    In Filipino, Lola means grandma, and POO is pronounced with rounded O, not pronounced like U. PO is a sign of respect.
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    Lola, in Filipino, means grandma.
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    *revolvin eyes*
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    That is a pretty reasonable post....
    for someone who thinks vipers are cool.

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