poormans x5

Discussion in '2002 Chrysler Pacifica Concept' started by keyansanai, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. cmon look at the resembelence it looks like an x5 lowered and uglified
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    yup, the body does look like X5, exept the front grill looks different. Even the headlights look like the new BMW's.<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree...the headlights look like the new 7-series....and the grill's too big..<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ProjectMarko</i>
    <b>I agree...the headlights look like the new 7-series....and the grill's too big..</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Thats bullshit man. Chrysler was doing the "Owl Eye" Headlight design long before anyone else was. Plus they were the first to make the autoshift mainstream.

    Plus it does look like a poor mans BMW. Good thing it's the Top of the line Chrysler product mixed with Mercedes engineering with probably a Mitsubishi engine. I'll pocket the money from the X5 and buy this.<!-- Signature -->
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    This does't look anything like a SUV to me whatsoever. It's just like a Volvo Cross Country V70. The styling does look a bit like the X5's, but it is no where close to as high as the X5 sits. I think it's just completely different.<!-- Signature -->
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    Your smoking wet muskrat shit.

    You first say It looks nothing like an SUV, then you say it looks like an X5 wich is an SUV, Then you say it looks completely different!

    Leave this site at once... You don't have a clue about anything.
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    Here's a tip: learn how to read thoroughly. What I said is that it looks like another SUV built on a car platform, such as the Volvo V70, which is a wagon designed for offroading. Then I said that the styling looks like the X5's, meaning that elements of it, such as the headlights, resemble the X5. Since you obviously need it set in simpler terms: the X5 is an SUV, the Crossfire is not. The only thing you can compare about them are some of their similar body parts.

    BTW, your muskrat shit is no good for smoking.
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    ahh well, its not that bad...i would test drive it to see if its really what it is...who knows about this car....
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    Its a 252 horse SUV wich I would'n need more for a SUV so having 300M engine is enough and its cooler than X5 wich is loser from top to dick.
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    this is by far the most classiest crossover SUV, if u wanna roll in one of these in class its gotta be this one. Look at the detailed chrome trim, etc, it looks great. ANd i love the console, the in dash screen instead of speedo is very nice.

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