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    Okay you really need to learn how to spell and you really need to get your facts straight and you need to know what the hell you're talking about because this is just straight up BULL. And for the record I agree totally and completely with Don't Mess With Texas.
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    ok NOOB get it straight in your small brain even if u have one that is u know jack shi* first off second its called a project car its going to be a nice focus with a whole lot of power and the nicest intereor i have don he he
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    you can slap a turbo kit onto any engine, its just a question of how long it will last. if you want it run good for a long time and not gernade the engine then you need to replace the stock internals with forged pistons and rods, and on top of that you need to spend many hours tuning the car using some type of engine managment. i have seen 500hp hondas, there was an article a while back in hod rod magizine where a former nascar engine builder made 500hp from a 91 civic si hatchback, it runs 11's in the 1/4 and is used as a daily driver to pick up parts. you can make relable horsepower from a honda, its proven, you just need to make sure you do it right. simply slaping a turbo kit and boosting 14psi wont cut it. your engine will be peices after 600 miles if you just do that...
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    You never replied to me. Tell me paticularly which engine this is. I know for a fact there is no 15,000 dollar V8 that will fit into your focus. No wait, you dont even have a focus.
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    Sorry, I can't type really well.
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    at how much boost? if were talking 6-10psi, and you do it right then ya you prob can keep the stock internals, but if you want to build a motor to last, and you want it to handel a lot of power, then you will need forged internals and engine managment. i dont think its a smart idea to just slap a $2k turbo on your car and call it a day. you are always taking a risk when your playing with forced induction. but like i said, if you keep the boost low you should be ok........but then again who can resist turning it up...

    i just think its a half assed job to throw a turbo kit on a nearly stock engine and not invest the time and money on forged internals and engine managment. but hey thats just me...
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    it is i looked at it from hci magazine u know nothing about focus performance do u lol
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    i do agree with u thats hy im getting a v8 engine and then the turbo from gudes around 7 psi but they have one for 20 psi but i dont know how much that is just yet
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    why are you puting a V8 in a focus anyways, ya ive seen it done and its cool, but its sooo much work! you have to convert the entire drivetrain to RWD and do a lot of custom fabrication to make it all fit. it just isnt worth doing if you ask me. plus who turbocharges a v8?<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/confused.gif"></A> superchargers are cheaper and eaiser to install, a centrifigual one would be ideal for a 302 v8 if you ask me....if you really want a project car get an old foxbody mustang for cheap and throw 10-15grand at it. frankly though i think(like everyone else here) that your full of shit. you dont have a car, you barely have a learners permit, your broke with no job, and you couldnt tell a decent lie if your life depended on it. please just stop posting bullshit stories, its not even funny anymore its just lame.......
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    how would u know your just another noob and yes i know it cost a whole lot of money and the only reason im doing this is for a show car
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    Yes I do, and there is no 15,000 dollar motor that will fit in a focus on the market today. Plus, if there was, you would have to replace nearly EVERYTHING on the car to simply handle the power. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. You dont even know how to drive a car, let alone know how one works.
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    another mistake I noticed. You claimed you were getting sparco racing seats, and then you claimed you were getting this fancy headrest TV shit. Now tell me how in hell you are going to get one of those tvs to fit on a sparco RACING seat? Did it ever occur to you why they are called RACING seats? They are thin as hell, good luck trying to fit one of those on.

    Oh, and that would make a pretty shitty show car.
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    thats so pathtic, show cars suck so much balls

    first off its not orgional, its been done, no ones really gonna be that impressed cuz they've seen it before. try being more creative instead of just stealing someone elses idea

    its also a whole lot of money for somthing that you wont really be abel to drive. it'll be heavy with all the weight your puting into it, it wont handel for shit, and the 1/4 mile times wont be that impressive for the kind of money your dumping at it.

    god show cars are soo lame, the only people that make those are companies and speed shops trying to sell shit(which makes sense cuz its good advertising) and stupid poser wanna be punks like you who dont know shit about cars and think that if you slap abunch of aftermarket tacky crap at your car its gonna impress people. im not too worried though, because like ive said before, you dont have money or a car to deface with it...
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    About the show car- he said he was going to put decals on it. If he knew anything about show cars, he would know most people spend thousands and thousands of dollars on just the paint job for their car, many consider it the most important factor.
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    damn right
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    ... damn right about what?
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    listen people, let this kid live in his lies, who cares if he says he's gonna do "Project Demon", lol. We all know he's BS'ing so why argue? He thinks he's better than the rest of us just cause he has 200+ posts too, as proven by calling everyone a "Noob". Just let this thread die already, let this ignorant 15 year old live in a fantasy world where he has every car he wants, let's hope he comes back to reality someday....

    P.S.-Don't reply by calling me a "kid", I know I'm one, I'm only 16 right now. I have no Car, no Money, and the first car I'll get will be a rustbucket, but at least I won't lie about it.
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    Whatever, kid.

    And by the way, you are legally a kid until you turn 18.
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    its true about the paint jobs my one friends paint job cost him over 10,000 i think its a waste of money though if u think about it really 10,000 of engine mody or supension mods or whatever or a 10,000 paint job which on would u chose i would chose the mods performance that counts not some paint job that cost u a shit load of money
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    Well, you said you were doing this as a show car, so you would rather have a bad paint job then not much going on under the hood?
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    well the paint i want is 15,000 dont u think thats too much for a paint job
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    You are a fool mate

    Check out http://www.ford-v8-focus.com/ and you'll see that they'll do a v8 RWD conversion to your focus for $15,000 USD. That price includes a 5.0L v8 or you can get a 351ci v8 (5.8L) with a 5spd manual or a c4 auto.

    At 15 grand it's a turn-key deal with you boing left to do nothing but drive away.

    Don't worry mate, take it with a grain of salt and eat it.

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