Porsche 91-GT1 vs Mercedes CLK GTR

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    I was lucky enough to have spoken to Mohammed Bin Salem's business partner in Dubai(I believe this is who's cars the documentary is about) and have video footage of these cars. My uncle, video camera in hand, was given the tour of his garage (one of) and filmed both the GT1, CLK GTR, and many others including F50, F40, 959, XJ220 etc. Mohamed states, on the video, that he prefers to drive the 911 GT1 over all of his cars, but admits that the Mercedes is perhaps a little faster in most areas. Having viewed both cars, side by side, I'd have to say the Porsche is more visually stunning and exclusive. Therefore the Porsche GT1 gets my vote. I just wish I got to ride in the both of them for a more thorough comparison.
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    In handing and breaking, porsche is winner. In a race track, handing and breaking are the most important. So I think GT1 is better.
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    yeah but the GT1s got ***** slapped by the CLK in the FIA GT Championships.
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    Personally, I think the CLK is far better looking for starters. The CLK is far more expensive yes, but if u hace th ecash to afford either one, then you have to be a mult-multi-millionare anyways so i doubt thats all that much of a problem. In fact tha tprice of the CLK would likely make it rarer and a better collectors item for the future. As for performance, we have specs on here regarding performance figures, but how can either of us say the porsche handles better? I strongly doubt anyone here has driven either car, so i think it's fair enough to say that you "think" the porsche would handle better, but i dont think anyone can really say it as a fact unless they have gotten that info froma very good source. As for the supra guy, I think he was being sarcastic and just said that for a bit of fun and probably doesnt actually ahve a modded supra. If he does and said it as a joke then fair enough. If he was serious, then all i can say to him is "mate, ur an idiot". At the speeds these cars reach, a supra would probably be floatig all over the track from mere effect of air (and in the process getting lapped 5 times every hour). Either way, i tihkn both are excellent cars, and with such exclusive cars itd probably tend to come doen to the hear rather then head when it comes to choosing one. Most merc fans (or porsche haters) will say the merc is better, most porsche fans (or merc haters) will say the porsche is better. Both are great wihtout doubt or they wouldnt exist.
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    I'd take the CLK GTR because it's faster in acceleration and a higher top speed without the 191 mph limiter.
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    For the Best car in proformance I would say the CLK GTR would kick the 91-gt1 ass but one look at the prices and you quickly say 91-gt1.

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