Porsche 911 gt1 or Clk-gtr?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by 09 challenger owner, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. The one in my avatar, cheers.
  2. jesus christ you're annoying.

    depends which GT1 probs but I like the CLK-GTR better probs.
  3. i prefer the Clk-GTR because i dont like the front of the porsche. it dont seem to fit it.
  4. Benz is more macho.
  5. The one that has 400 Km/h on the speedo
  6. n00bs probably don't even know there was a 993 GT1
  7. Didn't Mercedes dick over customers with CLK GTRs?
  8. CLK-GTR, please.
  9. GT1, but id pick a 962 over either.
  10. Same here.
  12. Hi Friend,
    There is not much difference between these 2 cars, but in this case, it's a matter of brand name that people would tend to hire for. So i like the Benz.

  13. clk hands down
  14. both are sexy as #$%#. only seen the clk gtr irl.
  15. now that right there beats sex.
  16. GT1. Its closer to its racecar variant since it didnt get bloated during its roadcar conversion. Also doesnt have stupid offset pedals and zero legroom.

    Just watch the Tiff Needell review of the GTR.
  17. The CLK GTR crushed the 911 GT1 so badly in the FIA GT series that Porsche had to go back to the drawing board and re-design the damn thing.
  18. Which was down to the fact the FIA restricted turbos so badly in the GT Series.
  19. While some of what you say is true, it was hardly the case for the Porsche. In 1996 back before the FIA GT series was the BPR series, the 911 GT1 competed, I think, two races. In both those races the car proved highly competitive by winning both of them.
  20. Purely down to the fact they exploited the rules, making a racing car first, then a road car. (as opposed to road cars turned racing cars such as the original F1 GTR and F40 LM/GTE).

    I also don't think the BPR series restricted turbos like the year after, because Lotus did well with their Esprit GT1 as well, and I think that used forced induction.

    It could be argued that because Porsche dominated the races it entered in 1996 with the GT1, the FIA felt the need to restrict turbos like they did when they took over the series.

    You only have to look at Le Mans in 1997 to see how competitive the 911 GT1 was without these restrictions imposed as unfortunately (being a McLaren fan), they still dominated their class, and nearly won outright.

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