Porsche 911 GT2 (997) or Nissan GTR ?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ccmarbourg, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Nissan 911 GT2 (997) or Nissan GTR ?

    Those two cars have been for me the most significant last year (along with the Scuderia, but for some reasons that I don't want to discuss, I am not so found of this car). When comes the time to decide between both though, it is a little difficult for me. Technically speaking, the Nissan is a huge achievement - it has in particular the Dual Clutch transmission that the Porsche lacks. But styling-wise (in particular from the inside), it lacks something. The GT2 has been received with caution during first drives, but has been praised so far when full-tested (including apparently in Italian magazines), the GTR has received huge positive comments, but not in the worst road conditions - reading upcoming Autocar review may be interesting.
    I know they are not full frontal competitors, that the GTR is much less cheap than the GT2, that a V-Spec should come (but Nissan has not always been very good on the design point of view for those cars and I fear the worst), but those are my two favorite cars of 2007 and I cannot pick one..
    So, for which car would you vote ?
    (Sorry for the typo in the title: should be Porsche GT2 or Nissan GTR!)
  2. Nowadays, how objectively fast something is and how much it's worth/ how much you want it have less and less to do with each other. GT2 for me.
  3. Close, but I think I would pick the GT2 overall
  4. Wut ?

  6. GT2 by miles
  7. GT by far (and not that crapanese Playtstation with all that gimmicks)
  8. what a joke. gt2 ofcourse. the gtr is comparable with the rx8
  9. The Porsche will retain it's value in the long run as it is a rare car. Once there are enough GT-Rs running around the hype will die down and so will the price. Not to mention the GT2 is the driver's car. I'm sure some of our grandmothers could drive the GT-R. I do love the car though.
  10. i honestly cant decide.
  11. GT2 with no questions. A better comparison would of been the GTR and the
    R8... in which case i would pick the R8.
  12. should be GT-R vs 911 or GT-R V Spec vs GT3
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  14. GT 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. gt2, and this is not the best comparison..
  17. I take the crapanese Playstaion brick please.

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