Porsche 918 Spyder to top $600,000?

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    Porsche unveiled its technological marvel, known as the 918 Spyder Hybrid, at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. At the time of the reveal, the 918 was nothing more than a concept car – but after receiving significant interest Porsche has reportedly decided to move forward with a limited run production of this high-po hybrid.

    Although Porsche has yet to 100 percent publicly confirm the 918’s future as a production car, two sources familiar with the vehicle have told Bloomberg that not only is the car coming, but that it will be priced at $630,000. The same sources also said that the automaker has over 2,000 potential owners that have suggested they would like to purchase the drop-top – making it very likely to move forward.

    The plug-in hybrid combines a V8 power unit delivering more than 500 hp and three electric motors with a combined electric output 160 kW (218 hp), boasting overall output of 718 hp. Fuel efficiency is said to be 78.4 U.S. mpg, making this the fastest and greenest Porsche ever created.

    The car is likely to see production eventually, though it’s not clear how close to the concept is to a finished product. There’s speculation the vehicle is intended as a successor to the Carrera GT supercar, but until we know more about this beast, it’s hard to make that call.

    The sprint to 62 mph is said to take just 3.2 seconds, and a top speed of 198 mph is sure to be ample for Autobahn cruising. Porsche says the car will lap the Nurburgring Nordschleife in under 7:30 – besting the Carrera GT.
  2. such a sexy car. god i hope they make it.
  3. If i had 600.000 laying around, this would be the car i would buy.
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  5. most original supercar in awhile.
  6. its like CGT+GT1+917

    although i really wish porsche would debut their cars in something other than silver. Its such a boring color for such an exciting car. When i first saw the CGTs pics in silver i was kinda underwhelmed. Then I saw a red one at the auto show and was O_O
  7. hooooooooly shit
  8. This car, like Carrera GT and 959 before it, looks cool in a fairly understated way. It looks sublime from every angle, but it doesn't have the extroverted design characteristics like Lambos or Zondas. Silver suits this car pretty well in my opinion. All sportscars look cooler in real life. Saw a silver CGT at Concorso Italiano, it looks amazing in real life.
  9. Where do you see 917 in this car?
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    Between 1:58 and 2:26

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    Ok, so "an extremely FLAT sportscar with the proportions of a racing car?"

    Ya know, they also say SAABs are born from jets.
  12. the headlights
  13. retard.

    look at the front, looks a bit like 962/956 too.
  14. these comments make me lol. sure it looks great but it looks like a $50k roadster

    for $600k porsche can go #$%# themselves
  16. I see a lot of F430 in it too.
  17. If they sold it for $30k with a regular 3.8L F6, it would be the best car ever.
  18. if they paid you $500 everytime you started it up it would be even better
  19. Let's not get carried away now.
  20. yes, because porsche is going to make a super sexy roadster and price it below the Boxster...right.

    Anyone looking at it for the first time and not thinking 500k+ is pretty #$%#ing optimistic/stupid.
  21. Old McLuke777 comment, fyi, iirc, lolkthx.
  22. lol my bad. makes total sense now. I expected better from you but I certainly couldn't let the idiosy slide.
  23. $50k roadster? lol are you blind
  24. he's trolling.

    his mom drives a Cayman or something like that and I know he knows the price of porsches, considering he can't get his to run for the life of him.

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