Porsche 918 Spyder to top $600,000?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. They are.
  2. Looks cheap because it's made in Europe. Any vehicle not made in Korea should not cost more than $150K.
  3. that engine costs 70k dollars.
  4. out of curiosity, what's the absolute cheapest anyone can get a 997 GT3 for and like, the cheapest R8? A dude I know is getting pretty bored of Z3 M roadster/Wife.
  5. for a 997 GT3 (depending on kilometers) you're looking at 95k to 120k. for a 4.2 R8 you're looking at 100k to 120k.

    EDIT: typed 996 instead of 997
  6. What's he willing to let the wife go for?
  7. This should be a CGT replacement.

    Everybody should STFU about being a bottom of the line Porsche.
  8. One of my favorite Porsche is a silver 550 roadster. The problem is all motor companies have silver vehicles which make them boring.
  9. Loving the way this thing is turning out. When does that plastic on the wheels come off?
  10. a used R8 can cost about 99k. do you still have the Porsche?
  16. Panda#%$
  17. it looks amazing but not very original.
  18. I think its hybrid system alone makes it original. Surely it must be one of the first "true" hybrid supercars, no?
  19. I think the Z06 was the first with its combination of pump gas and dark matter
  20. A+
  21. this car would be impossible to build for 30k$. Its clearly a Carrera GT level supercar and nothing less. The bodywork is far too complex for a conventional Porsche and everything about this car says GT replacement.
  22. This will be such a sick technology demonstrator if it goes into production. Sure, you could make an undriveable ultradelicate concept that goes a billion miles per hour once and gets like 80 mpg, but making it a streetable car that can compete with other sports cars and get like 80 mpg would be mega sick. I'd wager other manufacturers would follow suit.
  24. When this came out, all the professional experts in this forum were pretty sure this was going to be a $25K car that was going to compete with Hyundai Tiburon.

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